Pros / This software has all the monitoring, blocking and reporting tools necessary to keep your home free from questionable internet websites and computer activities.

Cons / It lacks real-time monitoring, keyword logging, keyword blocking and keyword alerts.

 Verdict / PC Pandora will do a good job in meeting all your computer monitoring needs.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

PC Pandora is great monitoring software to track internet and computer activity on any computer in your home. It offers a host of effective monitoring tools, blocking applications and reporting capabilities.

This computer monitoring software is simple to install and easy to use. It lets you efficiently keep tabs on internet, email, chat, word processing and all activities that take place on monitored computers. It earns our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award.

PC Pandora has two modes of operation: visible and stealth. In visible mode, an icon appears in the task bar of the computer so that users know the computer is being monitored. You may want to use this mode to keep your children and others honest. When individuals know they're being monitored, they usually behave. In stealth mode, the application can't be seen or detected on the machine.

This product has a unique pricing structure. The price listed on our side-by-side comparative matrix is half the base price. That's because the manufacturer offers two units for the base price, so double our listed price to get the base price. Remember that it covers two units.

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Filters & Monitoring

PC Pandora logs every webpage visited and takes screenshots of those pages. It also tracks the amount of time spent on each website. This is a great tool to find out if your children are spending too much time online or on certain websites, such as social networking websites.

This monitoring software logs transcripts of chats, capturing both sides of conversations. Supported chat applications include Facebook, Yahoo, Meebo, Google Talk, AOL, MSN/Live, ICQ and more.

It captures all sent and received emails, whether from PC-based email clients such as Outlook or online email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. It captures the contents of email attachments too, and takes snapshots of every email that is read, written and sent.

PC Pandora records every keystroke pressed on monitored computers. That includes URLs, passwords, user IDs and more. Having this information gives you full access to all accounts your children or others may access through the monitored computer.

In addition, the software logs all applications accessed on the PC by username and time of access. One downside to this monitoring software is its lack of real-time monitoring.

Activity Recording

You can block access to any website with this computer monitoring software. You can also block access to applications installed on monitored computers. This application lets you block by category, but not by keyword.

This PC monitoring software lets you schedule times to block access to the internet – perhaps when your children are supposed to do their chores or homework. It offers remote administrative access from another computer as well as access via mobile devices.

Reporting & Notifications

It’s simple to generate reports through the custom report window. You just check the reports you want to see. This monitoring software can generate reports on snapshots, software, websites, keystrokes, instant messages, user activity, emails, P2P activity, webcam snapshots, file tracking, web requests, search queries, printer, network bandwidth and Facebook activity.

With PC Pandora, you can run activity reports by username and receive email alerts when questionable material is viewed on monitored computers. You also can set the application to send reports to your email.

This software offers a DVD-style screenshot player that saves hours of time when reviewing activities. It makes viewing collected data easy and efficient.

Some reporting drawbacks are that you cannot search within reports and that PC Pandora lacks keyword alerts and keyword logging.

Installation & Support

PC Pandora's customer support is limited. The manufacturer, Pandora Corp., of Las Vegas, offers online FAQs and an online email support form. Responses to email come the same day.

However, this product lacks phone support and live chat. For additional support, the company offers an online user manual and video tutorials.


PC Pandora has effective features to monitor and block computer and internet use. It lets you record and follow every webpage viewed and keystroke typed, and to limit computer use at certain times. It lacks a few features such as keyword blocking, keyword alerts and keyword logging. Overall, it's great software to keep unwanted internet influences and questionable computer activities out of your home.

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