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SniperSpy 8 Review

PROS / This software offers real-time monitoring, website blocking, keystroke logging and screenshots.

CONS / It does not monitor emails and has limited memory for saving screenshots.

 VERDICT / SniperSpy does not track emails or attachments. However, this software allows you to view activity, logs and reports from any computer in real time.

SniperSpy is monitoring software that does what its name suggests: spies from a distance. This software is a great choice if you need remote monitoring of a computer in real time. Not only can you watch the screen live, you also have the ability to control certain aspects of the computer, making it our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner. However, it does lack a few useful features, including email monitoring.

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This spy software has an organized user interface with a dashboard accessed remotely from any computer. From this program, you have the ability to watch your computer's activity live. If you see something you don't approve of, you can shut down the computer or log off the current user.

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If you can't sit and watch your computer all day, you can always periodically check reports. The dashboard gives you quick access to logs like screenshots, keystrokes, websites and social media usage. This monitoring software, unfortunately, does not monitor emails or their attachments, but you can still catch email activity live or through screenshots. However, SniperSpy can only save 100 screenshots, less than most other software that has unlimited saving space.

This website monitoring software also allows you to block and filter content. You can completely block access to websites and certain instant messaging services. If you simply want to control the times and durations of internet use, you can set up a schedule with start and stop times for allowed access.

In addition to website monitoring, SniperSpy is also computer-monitoring software, keeping track of activity on the computer itself. It keeps logs for applications opened and their duration of use. It also keeps track of your files if they move around on the hard drive, and it saves a copy of altered documents, pictures and files.

Support for SniperSpy is solid. Once you purchase your one-year subscription, all upgrades are free, so you can be sure to have the most up-to-date version. If you need help, the website provides a toll-free phone number and live chat with a customer service rep, or you can start a support ticket. The FAQ page is a useful resource, with answers to over 30 commonly asked questions.


SniperSpy is monitoring software that grants you control over your computer from a distance. You can watch your computer's activity live, view reports and even adjust settings or completely shut down the computer without being anywhere near it. With the exception of emails and their attachments, SniperSpy lets you keep a watchful yet distant eye on what your family searches, types and views.

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