Pros / This monitoring software offers a host of quality monitoring, blocking and reporting features to keep tabs on all computer use in your home.

Cons / It's not available for Apple computers.

 Verdict / SpyAgent offers a full array of features for all PC monitoring needs. It's effective and efficient and can help keep questionable materials and influences from the internet out of your home.

Editor's note: Spytech SpyAgent 9 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review version 9 when we next update the Monitoring Software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about Spytech SpyAgent 9.

SpyAgent offers the most monitoring controls and features of any monitoring software in our top ten ranking. It lets you track and block a host of computer and online activities. It offers comprehensive logs and reports for nearly every mouse click and keystroke typed on your monitored computer.

SpyAgent's user interface is well organized. It's easy to navigate through the many monitoring tools. You can customize the settings to adjust the frequency of screenshots, logging storage options, scheduled monitoring, computer lockdown, content filtering and blocking, keyword alerts and more.

This software is effective and efficient. It can safeguard your family from unwanted influences on the internet. For these reasons and more, SpyAgent is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

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Monitoring Activities

There are two options to install SpyAgent: administrator/tester and stealth. New users are encouraged to select administrator/tester, which lets you familiarize yourself with the software's functions and features before setting the application to stealth. Users of the monitored computer will see the software's icon on the computer screen.

Conversely, stealth mode keeps this monitoring software hidden from users. Both methods of installation require you to create a password to protect access to the application.

SpyAgent is equipped with a hardy set of surveillance features. It tracks windows viewed, applications opened, clipboard activity and all documents and files opened by users. It lists file paths and new files created, modified, deleted and printed. This software logs all files transferred via email and FTP.

The software tracks internet activity by monitoring all outgoing and incoming connections. SpyAgent records transcripts of webmail messages, sent and received email as well as email attachments. The monitoring software can track any website visited, including social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others. In addition, computer administrators can see both sides of chat conversations.

SpyAgent will pause monitoring of a PC if user activity stops. Once activity resumes, the application restarts, logging all continued activity.

Blocking & Controls

SpyAgent blocks websites based on designated URLs and has keyword filtering and blocking, too. The application can prevent users from accessing websites that contain pornography, gambling or other questionable content.

Computer administrators can block users' ability to launch designated applications such as chat and instant messaging. Administrators of this monitoring software can prevent users from accessing portable drives or other external media devices through the monitored computer.

You can schedule times when monitored computers can be used and when they're blocked. You can block websites by keyword, but not by category – the one drawback of all the features in our listed criteria.


SpyAgent has multiple reporting capabilities. Remote reporting can include delivering logs and reports via email or FTP. USB retrieval allows for the quick flushing of gathered data to a USB drive. This component allows the computer administrator to collect data directly from the monitored computer and save it for later viewing or for documentation purposes.

By physically accessing the monitored PC, you can access the user interface, which contains numerous built-in reports. Administrators can save logs, export them in HTML format and perform cross-referencing of tracked information.

The log-filtering functions are impressive. Administrators can filter specific data such as keyboard backstrokes, email attachments and other unwanted reporting attributes. Reports can be filtered by creation date, specified times, usernames and more.

The built-in reports include top applications used, websites visited, online searches, files used, files transferred, chats, email senders and recipients, active and idle users and more.

SpyAgent takes screenshots of the monitored desktop at a customized frequency. You can also set screenshots to be triggered if a user types a designated keyword. The screenshot manager plays back the captured images much like a VCR slide show. Further, the application categorizes the pictures by content, social networking, email, website use, files accessed and more.

Help & Support

SpyAgent, owned by Software and Design Inc., offers full customer support with this monitoring software. That includes email support. We found that representatives responded to our email queries within a day, and often within hours.

There's also phone support and online FAQs. This product comes with live chat support too. The chat service is offered only with purchase of the product, and not for non-paying customers on the website, like some of SpyAgent's competitors provide.


SpyAgent offers the most monitoring features of all the software on our lineup. It can run in stealth and non-stealth modes, track websites visited, online searches, emails sent and received, documents and applications opened and keystrokes typed. It has excellent logging features and screenshot capabilities. You can block any website or application and limit times that the monitored computer can be used. The one deficiency is that it cannot block by category, but that's of little consequence with this application's host of powerful monitoring and other blocking features. This is great software to monitor any computer and to keep your home safe from questionable influences and activities.

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