Pros / The software has excellent help and support, including a rich online knowledgebase.

Cons / It doesn’t have as many alerts and reporting capabilities as other comparable internet filters.

 Verdict / Covenant Eyes focuses on blocking content and reporting activity. While it offers great help and support, its cyberbullying and monitoring tools are limited.

Covenant Eyes offers internet filtering software that's great at blocking unwanted sites but offers little coverage in the areas of cyberbullying and stalking. Still, we think Covenant Eyes is worth your consideration, especially for its excellent help and support options and online community.

Setup and configuration are simple due to the intuitive layout of the browser-based administrator dashboard. This is where you can set up individual profiles for all users in your household and create specific rules based on each person's age and maturity level. The admin dashboard is also where you access user activity logs, which tell you what sites your child has accessed or attempted to access. You can also see detailed information on the internet searches performed and whether or not the sites were successfully accessed. However, Covenant Eyes is limited in the activity it records and reports to you. It doesn’t capture screenshots, nor does it track chat or email activity.

Filtering and blocking features are hit and miss, with no automatic cyberbullying detection support. The software can accurately block pornographic sites and has a time management feature that ensures your child isn't spending too much time online or signing in when they're not supposed to.

Covenant Eyes receives a top score in help and support and is one of the few website blocker programs we reviewed to offer live chat, telephone and email communication with tech support. Additionally, Covenant Eyes has a rich knowledgebase that includes FAQs, an online user guide, articles, forums and video tutorials.

Available for both PC and Mac users, Covenant Eyes is compatible with all versions of Windows. There is also an iOS app that can be used to monitor activity on your child's iPhone or iPad. There is an Android application on the market; however, in our testing it proved very difficult to download and use.

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This internet filter software program can help steer your kids in the right direction when they're online and prevent them from discovering things they're not ready for. However, it doesn’t have tools specific to cyberbullying, and it doesn’t provide more invasive monitoring features like screenshots and keystroke recorders. If good help and support is important to you, we suggest taking a closer look to see if Covenant Eyes has precisely what you need.

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