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Familoop Safeguard Premium 3 Review

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PROS / Familoop has 77 different filter categories.

CONS / This program doesn’t include specific anti-cyberbullying tools.

 VERDICT / Familoop is good at blocking harmful content altogether, but it lacks some important monitoring tools found in higher-ranked programs.

Familoop Safeguard is a powerful internet filtering program that incorporates tools and features to help block harmful content while your child is online. The program has a clean, easy-to-navigate interface, so you can implement the program without getting frustrated trying to set it up. It also has a helpful setup wizard and searchable guides to help walk you through the process quickly.

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This website blocker application has an impressive 77 filter categories, over twice as many as most programs in our internet filter review, and three times as many as our top pick. These include pornography blocking, game filters and categories for religion, politics and government. It is a little difficult to find these categories in the program to deploy them since there isn’t a direct pathway to them, but once found these tools help you create a very secure internet environment for your child.

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This internet filer software records a lot of information on your child’s online activity. It records websites visits, online searches and some social media activity. As part of our testing we logged in to several social media accounts. Familoop recorded when we posted on our profile, when we navigated to another page within the social media network and when we uploaded any images. All of these details were sent to the parent portal and an email alert was also immediately sent.

However, the software didn't notice when someone posted to our social media page, or when we liked or interacted with a friend’s profile. On its website, Familoop advertises that it can record when your child views videos and other media files under its media section of the parental dashboard. However, it did not record videos that we watched. It also didn't pick up when we used chat programs within a social network, an important feature often associated with anti-cyberbullying capabilities. You do have the ability to completely block chat activity, including through social media, by activating the chat and IM category filter.

In addition to website blocking, Familoop has time management tools that let you block specific times of the days when family members can access the web. And since you can create individual user profiles, you can set different times based on each individual child’s needs.

From the parent dashboard you can see a breakdown of internet activity for each individual user. A small image of the website’s landing page is included to help you quickly identify where your child has been, but it doesn’t show the entire page, or every page visited by your children on a specific site. However, it does provide written details of where they have been and URL links to each page.

We didn’t have many questions as we worked through Familoop, but those we did have were answered using the searchable knowledgebase that includes a comprehensive FAQs section. No email or telephone support contact information is provided, so the online support content is all that is available.


Familoop is a solid internet blocking program that lets you filter 77 different content categories. You can create individual user accounts and manage the time each is allowed access to the internet. The detailed reports of web activity don’t include screenshots of the pages, but they do provide links to each one so you can see what your child has been up to.

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