360 S10 Robot Vacuum review

The 360 S10 Robot Vacuum boasts advanced 3D perception, but how does it deliver when it comes to vacuuming and mopping?

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The 360 S10 Robot Vacuum has excellent 3D mapping capabilities alongside a large water tank and variable vacuuming speeds. Though it’s not the slimmest model around, it does importantly have its bulky LiDAR sensors hidden.


  • +

    Impressive AI-powered 3D mapping tool

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    Skilled at assessing different regions for mopping


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    Not the slimmest at 3.35 inches

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The 360 S10 Robot Vacuum is an extremely well-designed household tool, with mapping technology that can assess the finest details of your home in order to achieve a thorough clean. It can both vacuum and mop, an advancement on single-function models, and has a number of different pressures for when you need a deeper clean.

The 360 S10 has a large 500ml dust capacity and an equally large water tank, meaning this vacuum is a little more heavy-duty than slimmer models. So though it’s not the most streamlined of the best robot vacuums, it’s likely to be able to do more around your house. For this 360 S10 Robot Vacuum review we put this device to the test in a number of different situations, including on hardwood and carpeted floors. 

360 S10 Robot Vacuum review: Spec  

  • Cleaning time: 180 minutes  
  • Dustbin capacity: 500ml  
  • Dimensions: 13.77 x 13.77 x 3.35 inches  
  • Weight: 8.48lbs  
  • Suction power: 3300pa 
  • Voice control: Amazon and Google Assistant voice control 
  • Quiet mode: Yes 

360 S10 Robot Vacuum review: Design  

The crown of the 360 S10 Robot Vacuum’s design is three LiDAR sensors that can create extremely detailed 3D maps of any home. What’s more, this model marks a special spot on the robot vacuum market as these sensors are contained within the body of the robot, rather than on the exterior, and therefore contribute towards a more polished look. 

You might be wondering exactly what these LiDAR sensors can do. Well, within this model, the main laser focuses on long-distance, with the front laser assessing obstacles in its direct vision, and finally the wall laser measures height. Together, this means these sensors can detect more than 100 different objects in the home, and map out one entire floor of your home extremely quickly. Plus, the S10 is capable of storing up to 10 of these floor plans at any time, meaning you can set it off anywhere in your house without needing to reset it.

Though the S10 is therefore ahead of the curve when it comes to LiDARs, it isn’t the slimmest all-around, with other models, like the Roborock S6 MaxV at 6.5 inches, more capable of fitting comfortably under furniture. This is a compromise that many will be more than happy to make considering those bulky LiDAR sensors are now nicely hidden, though it’s worth measuring up if you have particular furniture you want your robot to squeeze under. 

In terms of how it might look in your home, the 360 S10 is a sleek, glossy, black robot with blue lasers peeping through the front from the central LiDAR. It has two buttons for manual control; one to kickstart cleaning and another to send it back to its charging dock. Once the robot is charging, you have a view of the large 520ml water tank at the back of the model, with the design offset by green accenting. This is accompanied by the washable 500ml dust bin.

One great design feature of the S10 is that this dust bin has a one-touch emptying system, meaning that you can simply hold it over your trash and let the dust collapse out without getting your hands dirty. It has one main roller brush and a smaller edge brush, which will likely suffice unless you’re looking for a specialist pet-centered vacuum. If that’s the case, then check out our Yeedi k650 review, for a model with more dedicated brushes.

Of course, due to its ability to both vacuum and mop, this robot needs to have a rigorous system for detecting the exact floor material it’s cleaning. It has this in hand thanks to ultrasonic sensors which kick in to prevent mopping your carpet and doesn’t take anything to activate, which is handy.

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360 S10 Robot Vacuum review: Setting up 

An important feature of any robot vacuum is how easy it is to use, and how far you can customize your cleaning experience. The S10 certainly excels in this department, with an app that has a lot to discover if you’re interested. To set up, simply place the S10 on charge and open up your 360Robot app, and your robot should pair up via Bluetooth. After you’ve connected your vacuum to the Wi-Fi, you can give it a name and watch the instructions on how to safely operate your new appliance. You can also set times for ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, at which time your robot won’t send you notifications or begin cleaning.

The second step of setting up your S10 is to set it up for a scan of your home. It can clean as it does this, and once it’s done, you’ll have a series of maps of your home that you can then refer to whenever you need. That includes setting no-go zones and establishing boundaries between each room, as well as titling them with ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Bathroom’ for example. Within the main app interface, you can choose to toggle between 2D and 3D views, set the cleaning intensity, and get a closer look at the room your vacuum is in. 

The app is extremely comprehensive, and the level of detail is impressive. You can view a history of your robot’s cleaning, check how much time you’ve saved from manually vacuuming, and create a cleaning schedule for whenever you need it. If you love getting into the finer details, then there’s plenty on this app to entertain you, but if you don’t, then the main interface is also simple and intuitive to use. 

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360 S10 Robot Vacuum review: Performance  

The 360 S10 has some serious suction power, with a maximum of 3300pa. This is only activated if you bump up your clean to the ‘MAX’ setting but is effective if you want a full-scale mop and vacuum in your kitchen for example. If you want a more surface-level everyday clean then you can dip down to 600 (Quiet)/1000 (Standard)/1500pa (Powerful), the lesser levels of pressure that will conserve battery. You can also apply different water levels to the mopping function, and we found that the highest setting led to pretty sparkling hardwood floors. 

As you might expect from a vacuum that’s quite so expensive and well designed, the S10 360 is extremely methodical on its cleaning journey. You can view in the app the pattern that your robot is taking to clean a room and instruct it to take the same path as many times as you need. The entire performance of the robot is also helped by the fact that it is excellent at detecting obstacles, thanks to its AI, meaning it quietly makes its way around your home without much of a fuss. While other robot vacuums may get stuck banging into various items of furniture as they attempt to navigate, the S10 360 has a more quiet and careful glide.

The performance of the S10 is helped by a number of practical elements too. One of those is the spare mopping attachments included with your purchase, which can be separately washed to avoid any dirt-build up, alongside the easy-to-fill water tank. It’s also expertly quiet as it moves around the home, unless it’s on one of the more powerful settings, with around 67 decibels of noise emitted. On a full charge, the S10 should be able to clean for up to three hours, which is great for homes with plenty of space to get vacuumed. 

The only thing that might be a little irritating to new users of the S10 is the extremely chirpy robotic voice that lets you know how the vacuum is getting on. Though it begins with very upbeat sayings such as “I love cleaning!”, these can be easily turned off in the settings. This robot speaks Spanish, Korean, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese as well as English.

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360 S10 Robot Vacuum review: Price 

The MSRRP for the 360 S10 is $799, which is pretty steep. However, this is taking into account that it can both mop and vacuum, and has some of the most advanced mapping technology on the market for this type of cleaner. It’s also got those LiDAR sensors cleverly hidden, as we mentioned earlier, so it’s an in-demand model because of its design. 

However, this won’t take away from the fact that for those looking for something more affordable, the S10 won’t be in reach. If you’re looking for a high-quality yet cheaper alternative, then check out our Eufy RoboVac 11S review.

Should you buy the 360 S10 Robot Vacuum?

If you want a seriously powerful robot vacuum and mop, and enjoy the more technical side of devices like this, then the 360 S10 Robot Vacuum will no doubt impress you. It has an immense level of detail in its design and a number of well-thought-out practical features that could help any person keep their home in a pristine condition.

This robot is also sleek, quiet, and inconspicuous, meaning it will fit in well with any household. Of course, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the heights of the S10, then there are plenty of other options out there, but if you’re wanting to splash out, then the 360 S10 will do a fantastic job at cleaning up.

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