Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum review

The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum does a good job of spot cleaning and working quietly.

Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum review
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The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum offers good value for money and is really easy to set up.


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    Easy to set up


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    Works very slowly

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    Doesn’t cope well with rugs

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The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum is an affordable vacuum that has been designed to take the work out of cleaning your floors.

Compared to other models in our round up of the best robot vacuums, the Bagotte BG600 is nearly half the price but it still has many of the features that make it worth considering.

When the Bagotte BG600 is fully charged, it offers an impressive 100 minutes of battery life - this is longer than some models we rated highly including the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum.  

Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum: Features  

The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum arrives in a fairly small and lightweight box and setting up the vacuum takes a matter of minutes, including the time to read the instructions. 

The body of the vacuum itself is sleek and modern and all you really need to do to set it up is to add the four side brushes that literally just slot into the underside of the vacuum. The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum comes with a remote control and a charging station, as well as two meters of magnetic tape - designed to be placed on the floor to stop the robot vacuum from going past it. 

This robot vacuum benefits from 2000Pa suction power and it also has six vacuuming modes including spot cleaning; edge; single room; auto; scheduling; and adjustable suction. With 100 minutes of battery life, you can set your vacuum cleaner to work on auto mode, which makes its way around your home, or alternatively, if you just want to spruce up one room, the single room function will make sure it’s looking clean.

When the Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum moves over thick carpet or onto rugs, it automatically switches to maximum power so that it can reach dirt and dust that’s deep in the carpet. 

What’s more, the Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum is fitted with sensors to prevent it from falling down stairs. Most of the circumference of the vacuum is coated in a rubber band so that if it does touch anything in your home, it won’t cause scratches or any damage. 

However, it’s worth noting that the Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum can’t be controlled via your smartphone and it also isn’t voice-activated. 

Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum: Performance

The first thing we noticed when testing out the Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum was how quiet it is. The vacuuming volume on this model is 55dB and it’s noticeably quieter than a regular vacuum cleaner

Setting up the robot vacuum was really easy and we first tested out its auto mode. The Bagotte BG600 Max works it way quietly around your home, thoroughly gliding over the same spot a few times before moving off to another area. While it does offer 100 minutes of battery life, this robot vacuum is fairly slow and we found it took a good 20-30 minutes to vacuum an entire room properly. 

The Bagotte BG600 Max coped well with dust and crumbs that were on the floor and despite its round shape, the side brushes did a good job of sweeping up right next to baseboards and furniture legs. 

There is a piece of magnetic tape included with this vacuum that you can use to make sure the Bagotte BG600 Max doesn’t vacuum across that line and into a certain area, but if you choose not to use the magnetic tape, the Bagotte BG600 Max will bump into walls and furniture which initially concerned us that it would cause damage or scratch items in our home. 

However, the Bagotte BG600 Max is fitted with a rubber bumper that means it doesn’t scratch or damage your table legs, and it gets nice and close to any debris sitting in awkward places. 

We did find the Bagotte BG600 Max got stuck under a couple of pieces of furniture when we tested it, which would be a problem if you left it unattended, however, you can use the magnetic strip or manually guide it with the remote to avoid this. 

On hard floors and tiled surfaces, the Bagotte BG600 Max coped well and picked up most debris, hairs, and dirt. This robot vacuum does transition from hard floors to carpet well, and it coped with moving onto a very thin rug, however, it struggled with a chunky knitted rug we had and despite going over it a few times, it did leave some debris behind. 

What is especially easy about using the Bagotte BG600 Max is emptying it. While some robot vacuums are self-emptying, the Bagotte BG600 Max has a 600ml tank and we didn’t have to empty it often. When we did, it was pretty much mess-free and very quick to do. You simply press a release button and the dirt drawer comes out.

When you’ve finished using the Bagotte BG600 Max or if it’s running low on battery, it’ll automatically return to its charging station. The charging dock isn’t massive and won’t take up too much space, but it’s worth noting that with this kind of vacuum you will need to keep your vacuum out while it charges, you can’t, for example, put it away in a cupboard. 

Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum: User reviews  

The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum has gleaming reviews on Amazon with an average rating of five stars. Many reviewers mention how quiet this model is and that it navigates particularly well. Others comment on the simple set up and that this robot vacuum does a great job of picking up dust. Some users did state that the features are fairly basic and this vacuum isn’t smart enabled, but it didn’t disappoint all the same.  

Should you buy the Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum? 

The Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum is a great value robot vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t have masses of special features, nor is it smart-enabled, however, if you’re looking for a good robot vacuum to take the effort out of cleaning up, then the Bagotte BG600 Max robot vacuum is a good investment. Overall, this vacuum is easy to empty and worked well on hard floors in particular.  

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