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Trend Micro Maximum Review

To test how well Trend Micro Maximum Security blocks Windows and Mac malware, we attempted to download, run or access over 500 (352 Windows and 165 Mac) Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, viruses and malicious websites.

Our Verdict

Trend Micro is excellent at blocking malware trying to enter through your web browser. It is especially good at offering protection to Microsoft Edge users.


  • It protects your cloud storage from online hackers and other threats.


  • Gamer mode must be manually enabled.
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To test how well Trend Micro Maximum Security blocks Windows and Mac malware, we attempted to download, run or access over 500 (352 Windows and 165 Mac) Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, viruses and malicious websites. This computer protection program stopped every threat giving it a perfect score for malware protection on both Windows and Mac computers.

Microsoft Edge isn’t compatible with computer protection software browser extensions, which makes it harder to catch malware that slips through its security settings. However, Trend Micro is able to work with Edge and stop every threat. Even without a browser extensions, Trend Micro uses its web detection technology to warn you of dangerous sites you are attempting to visit.

In both Mac and Windows applications, Trend Micro scans your computer for outdated software, easy passwords and programs no longer in use. It helps you fix these issues so your computer runs faster and lets you plug up easy entry points where threats typically sneak in.

Trend Micro Maximum Security scans email and removable media for threats, and it’s very good at warning you of phishing schemes. It has a gamer mode that you need to enable manually, unlike the automatic enabling includes with ESET. But once it’s turned on you won’t be interrupted by pop-up notifications or other security alerts while you are playing games or watching movies in full-screen mode.

The parental controls monitor your children’s internet activity and let you set time limits for when they can be online. These tools work on all devices, including Android and iOS cellphones. Trend Micro also has dedicated social media protection that monitors your internet connection and site security as you interact with those pages. This ensure no one sneaks into your account and that personal information is protection from internet snoops. It also warns you if a link leads to a dangerous site or is a malware download.

One great feature that Trend Micro Maximum Security includes is cloud protections. This tool protects files stored online in programs like Google Drive or Dropbox. Some new malware include viruses that break into online storage files and either hold them ransom or use the personal information to steal your identity. But not many security programs include this feature, yet.Trend Micro offers online backup storage to its Maximum Security users. You get 25GB to share among all your devices.

There are some security tools missing from Trend Micro’s computer protection program, though. Safe banking tools, that help shield your personal information and create a more secure space while you shop or bank online, are not included with this program. Also, while Trend Micro does have a password manager, you must purchase it separately since it isn’t included with Maximum Security.

Trend Micro Maximum Security is one of the best computer protection programs we tested because it blocked all malware threats on both Windows and Mac machines. It notified us of malicious sites and downloads in each browser we tested in, including Microsoft Edge. Trend Micro works well on all platforms – PC, Mac, Android and iOS. It has extensive security tools and protections for mobile devices that other protection programs don’t include, plus you’re given 25GB of online storage to share between devices. Trend Micro’s cloud protections also monitor other online storage programs to ensure malware can’t get in and snatch your files.

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