Remington F8 WETech review

Boasting a flex foil cutting system with stainless steel blades, the Remington F8 WETech delivers a smooth shave that belies its price tag.

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The Remington F8 WETech is an excellent-value gadget. Though it lacks some of the features and accessories of more expensive electric razors, it has a comfortable grip and provides a more than adequate shave.


  • +

    Easy to clean

  • +

    Provides a smooth shave

  • +

    Affordable price


  • -

    Motor is a little loud

  • -

    Its blades dull quickly

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The Remington F8 WETech is priced well under $100 proving that the best electric razors don't always have to cost an arm and a leg. This is a great value razor when you consider that it's a more than able grooming gadget with decent battery life, plus a ream of features. 

In comparison, the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 has an MSRP of $229.99. And while the Braun Series 7 outperforms the Remington F8 in our experience, the functional differences between the two are not as substantial as their price difference suggests.

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Remington F8 WETech: Design

The Remington F8 WETech doesn't look as techy or as muscular as some of the electric razors available today. Some might even say its aesthetic is a little dated. It's by no means an unattractive shaver, though, and anyway you can't really grumble about things like that when you're getting such good performance for so little money (more on that below). In terms of how it feels in the hand, the F8 WETech is pleasingly lightweight and easy to hold whether you're left or right-handed.

Remington F8 WETech: Features

This razor’s battery provides 60 minutes of shaving time on a full charge. A full charge takes 90 minutes, but there’s a five-minute quick-charge feature that will give you enough power for a single shave if you don’t have time to wait. This is an important convenience because the Remington F8 WETech doesn’t have a corded-use option. 

The WETech is waterproof and can be used wet or dry. It works well with shaving foam and is safe for use in the shower. It also has an advanced intercept trimmer to pre-trim longer whiskers as you maneuver it over your face and neck, and its shaving foils pivot and flex with the contours of your face.

The Remington F8 doesn’t have a travel lock or a storage/travel pouch. If you are a regular traveler, you may find the Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA93-K and Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S more to your liking. While the Remington F8 comes with a cleaning station, our testers reported that it’s easy to clean. The manufacturer’s instructions are detailed and provide guidelines for both daily cleaning and periodic maintenance.

“It takes slightly longer to do all the brushing out of the nooks and crannies and then rinse it under the faucet,” one tester told us, “but I was able to get the razor considerably cleaner.”

Remington warranties the F8 WETech for two years, which is pretty standard. During multiple interactions with the company’s consumer support team, we experienced first-rate customer service.

Should you buy the Remington F8 WETech?

While the F8 WETech is a good-value option, it would be unrealistic to expect perfection for such a low cost, and the shaver didn't receive unanimous praise.

One of our testers, who uses an electric razor daily, was completely sold on it, commenting: “Although it is sort of loud, it gave me a clean shave rather quickly.” 

However, another tester, who typically prefers manual razors, felt like this Remington left behind some stubble.

“It took too many passes to get a close shave,” he said. “I tend to shave only once a week, and I had to go over areas with more hair growth six to eight times.”

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