Pros / The handling received an A in our tests.

Cons / The battery takes six hours to fully charge.

 Verdict / The Traxxas Blast is a very fun remote control boat with great handling and above-average battery life. However, the charge time and durability is disappointing.

Traxxas, a well-known manufacturer of remote control cars and trucks, has also entered the remote control boat space with the Traxxas Blast. This RC boat has a deep V-shaped hull and provides responsive steering at the pool, lake or pond. It's the only 24-inch boat in our review, because Traxxas doesn't make a 17-inch boat. Despite its size, it handled well and put up decent speeds. However, the run-time to charge-time ratio was disappointing, and it lacks key features, like a self-righting feature and a brushless motor.

The Traxxas Blast is speedy and responsive, receiving an A for handling. However, it only received a B+ for overall performance because of the disappointing run-time to charge-time ratio and mediocre speed. We were impressed with the RC boat's ability to make left and right turns with ease. During our runs we didn't flip the boat at all, even when making sharp turns, which is fortunate because the boat lacks a self-righting feature.

We did, however, submarine the boat a few times. This is when you turn the boat and it nosedives in the water. Fortunately, this boat reemerges quickly. But you may have to prematurely end your run to drain excess water in the event you submarine. Because of this, we highly recommend using hatch tape just to seal the hatch. Even with tape, and a rubber band to pull the hatch closed, we found that water kept getting in. If the inner mechanisms get wet, it's not the end of the world, but it can lead to corrosion or battery issues over time, so in the event that water does get in, just make sure to drain the boat and dry it after runs.

In our tests, we clocked the top speed at 20 miles per hour, on average. While this isn't the fastest boat in our tests, it's plenty fast for a novice user, especially at this size. It gripped tightly to the water's surface and had an extremely low profile for a 24-inch remote control boat. This boat would work great just for joyriding or even racing. Our tests found that this boat was extremely consistent and performed just as well in smooth waters as it did in the waves. It chops through the water with ease and is a lot of fun to drive.

The battery pack included with the Traxxas Blast is quite large and heavy. It weighs the boat down, which lessens top speeds, and it is probably the reason the hull takes on water. But despite these downfalls you get a major upside – longer runtimes. We were able to get 12 to 15 minute runs with the RC boat, which is twice as long as some other boats we tested. We would much rather have longer runs than extra speed, but that might not be the case for racers. Unfortunately, the battery takes over six hours to fully charge, giving it the most disappointing run-time to charge-time ratios. As such, we recommend you purchase multiple batteries.

This boat has a long body like a shark, but it isn't as thick-skinned. We actually cracked the tip of the hull during our durability test. It didn't render the boat unusable by any means – it just pushed the nose in a little bit after crashing it into the wall of a pool. You may want to be careful and avoid crashing, even with other boats, since the plastic doesn't seem to be as strong as the material many RC boats are made of.

While the handling is excellent, the Blast lacks some key features that you'll find in the best entry-level RC boats. It doesn't have a brushless motor or a Li-Po battery, which are preferred. It doesn't have a self-righting feature or extra propellers.

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  • Speed
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  1. The maximum speed of the boat measured in miles per hour.
    Higher is Better
  2. 6  Traxxas Blast
    20.0 Miles Per Hour
  3. 25.0 Miles Per Hour
  4. 28.0 Miles Per Hour
  5. 20.0 Miles Per Hour
  6. Category Average
    19.67 Miles Per Hour


The Blast by Traxxas is an excellent entry-level radio-controlled boat. The Blast takes turns easily and has an above-average battery life, both of which are imperative for a fine RC boat. Its sleek profile makes it fun to drive and watch. While the run time was above average, the long charge time is very disappointing.

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