Pros / A submersible body makes this car fun in and out of the water.

Cons / The battery is not rechargeable, which means you have to replace the battery relatively often.

 Verdict / A stout build and waterproof components, combined with fun features and easy controls, make this car an outstanding value that kids and parents can appreciate.

Most RC cars rely on speed, suspension or tricks to keep drivers entertained. The Kid Galaxy Morphibians Rover takes a different approach. It's not particularly quick, but it's simple to drive and incredibly tough.

Kid Galaxy's Morphibians line of RC trucks and cars comes in various styles, including the Shark, Stingray, Gator and Rover. Each Morphibians model has a different look, but they are all essentially the same vehicle, so you should choose the one that looks best to you. We tested the Rover model.

The Rover isn't particularly fast, but its speed makes it a good match for young kids who are still getting the hang of driving RC cars. Although it doesn't have enough power to do any serious off-roading, the car's four-wheel drive helps it hold its own in grass, dirt or gravel. Its most impressive off-road capability, however, is its ability to drive in water.

Many RC autos have waterproof components to protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan, but the Rover's boat-like exterior makes it much more than just another waterproof radio controlled car. Not only can kids splash through gutters and puddles with it, they can actually control the Rover as it splashes around in a swimming pool or pond.

Simple controls make the Rover easy to steer. The transmitter has two buttons, one on the left and one on the right. The left button causes the left two tires to accelerate, and the right button controls the tires on the right. If only the left two tires are spinning, naturally, the Rover turns to the right. This design simplifies the driving experience and allows easy steering in water.

Durability and safety are serious concerns when it comes to electronic toys for kids. Fortunately, Kid Galaxy designed the Rover with both in mind. A tough plastic outer shell allows the Rover to withstand the inevitable bumps and crashes, and its rounded edges and pinch-free parts make it more kid-friendly than most models. Be aware that the Morphibians RC cars require three AA batteries that are not included. While many competitors save you money by equipping their cars with a rechargeable battery, this machine has you changing batteries often. Kid Galaxy recommends the use of standard alkaline batteries.

On the Kid Galaxy website, you can easily find a support email address and phone number. In our experience, Kid Galaxy is quick to answer calls and provides clear answers to questions. There is also a downloadable user manual that has tips on when, where and how to drive your Morphibians vehicle.

With its low speed, simplified controls and kid-friendly looks, this vehicle isn't for everyone. However, its durability, ease of use and amphibious capabilities make the Kid Galaxy Morphibians Rover one of the best models available for small children. The way we see it, there aren't many radio controlled cars that serve their intended audience better than the Morphibians Rover.

  • Tested Top Speed
  • Battery Life
  • Handling
  1. The highest speed at which a vehicle can travel.
    Faster is better.
  2. 8  Kid Galaxy Morphibians Rover
    2.0 MPH
  3. 25.0 MPH
  4. 19.0 MPH
  5. 23.0 MPH
  6. Category Average
    13.11 MPH
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