Pros / The car's four-wheel drive, full suspension and large tires make for effective off-roading.

Cons / The remote lacks precise control over the throttle and steering.

 Verdict / The Rock Crawler Extreme is one of the most capable toy-grade trucks available. Its low speed, small transmitter and off-road performance make it a great option for kids.

When you're looking for inexpensive off-road RC cars, it can be difficult to find something that actually performs well when you take it into rough terrain. Maisto's Rock Crawler Extreme is an exception to this. Although it can't compete with the performance of hobby-grade RC monster trucks, it's certainly at the top of its class for toy-grade radio controlled cars.

As an off-road vehicle, the Rock Crawler Extreme features large tires, full suspension and four-wheel drive. Its tires are soft for maximum grip on steep surfaces, and they work incredibly well for crawling over rocks, logs or whatever else you might come across.

The Extreme's full suspension consists of soft springs and a solid axle. This means you get a lot of articulation out of your suspension, making it less likely that the vehicle will flip over on uneven terrain. Although this isn't a unique design, few toy-grade vehicles pull it off as well as this RC truck.

This machine requires six AA batteries, which are not included, and is only capable of reaching speeds of around 5 mph. Although this may seem slow, speed isn't what this car is designed for. Maisto intentionally designed the Extreme to be more conducive for rock crawling. Regardless, the slower speeds mean that this vehicle is manageable and safe for young children who lack the finesse required to control a high-speed vehicle.

The included pistol-grip transmitter is also great for kids. Its smaller size is suited perfectly for young hands. Be aware that the remote does not feature proportional control. You're either full throttle or nothing at all, which isn't that bad considering its low top speed. Batteries aren't included with the remote, so you have to provide two AAA batteries.

Maisto offers support for the Rock Crawler Extreme by phone or email. It also includes a 30-day warranty against defects. As is the case with most toy-grade RC cars, replacement or upgrade parts are not available from the manufacturer.

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  • Tested Top Speed
  • Battery Life
  • Handling
  1. The highest speed at which a vehicle can travel.
    Faster is better.
  2. 7  Maisto Rock Crawler
    5.0 MPH
  3. 25.0 MPH
  4. 19.0 MPH
  5. 23.0 MPH
  6. Category Average
    13.11 MPH


The Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme isn't the fastest RC truck out there, but it excels in difficult terrain and climbs over large obstacles incredibly well. Large tires, full suspension and four-wheel drive make this one of the most capable toy-grade off-road RC vehicles available.

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