Harley-Davidson has made a name for itself by bringing smiles to countless drivers throughout the nation. Now the company is expanding its target audience to include children with the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley Rocker. This innovation will help share the Harley legacy with children and will make driving around the neighborhood even more fun.

The vehicle has a stable three-wheel design in addition to a Harley Davidson Rocker inspired solo saddle seat. The equipped six-volt battery is all it takes to get the fun started. Simply push the start button and off your child will go! The only downside to the battery is you have to take the seat off and remove the battery to charge it.

The Harley Rocker is built Fisher-Price tough with strong tires in addition to a wide, stable base, a speedometer dial and the details you'd expect to see on a real Harley-Davidson Rocker. The push-button operation allows for easy stop-and-go conditions for beginner drivers. This powered riding toy has a maximum forward speed of 2 MPH. The treads on the tires allow for maximum performance on hard surfaces. Harley-Davidson claims the vehicle also performs well on grass, but due to the fact the wheels are plastic, they won't easily gain traction if the grass is at all wet.

The theory behind Power Wheels isn't just entertainment, but also allowing the drivers to experience what it's like to be a grown-up, complete with those feelings of independence, accomplishment and self-confidence. All of these are critical for a child's emotional and social growth. It also comes down to expanding on children's imaginations and giving them countless hours of entertainment.

The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley Rocker comes with a one-year “Bumper-to-Bumper” limited warranty that can be redeemed through more than 300 service centers across the nation. While the warranty won't cover all repairs, it does cover any major defects that may arise in that first year of use. Considering how much your child will use the bike, that might be a wide range of things.

Many people who buy a Power Wheels vehicle get a sedan for their child. Set your child apart from the rest with this truly unique Power Wheels bike that looks like a real Harley. It may not be capable of reaching the same speeds as the Power Wheels Jeep, but it'll help your child stand out and give him a truly enjoyable experience as he cruises throughout the neighborhood.

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