Few vehicles look like they're full of more power than the Hummer. The Kid Motorz Hummer H2 is a miniature version of its full-size counterpart that promises a similar experience for children. The vehicle is bulky in appearance. It gives enjoyable, imagination-filled experiences to beginning drivers.

This powered riding toy comes with a 6-volt battery, which restricts its performance somewhat. Rather than offering two different speeds like the Power Wheels Jeep, this Hummer is only capable of two: 2.5-MPH forward and in reverse. It makes up for the lack of speed with fun little features like a working horn, rugged tires and a chrome grill.

The full-size Hummer is intended for off-road travel, but the Power Wheel version is not. The plastic tires are not equipped for traveling on anything other than hard surfaces and dry grass. Wet grass, mud and gravel will cause the vehicle to lose traction quickly.

The vehicle acts as an excellent educational tool for children as they continue to develop motor skills and awareness of their surroundings. These vehicles still require an attention to one's surroundings if your child is driving in the street and cars are approaching. Overall, this is an excellent experience to give growing children because it allows them to experience some level of independence and that feeling of self-confidence that comes with having your first vehicle.

A major problem with the Hummer H2 is its 6-volt battery. It doesn't provide the vehicle with a lot of power, so unless your child is around two or three years old, they'll likely be too big for the vehicle and cause the battery to drain at a drastic rate. The battery contributes a lot to the fact this vehicle can't go faster than 2.5-MPH. If you want a fast Power Wheels vehicle, you'll need to explore other options. After several months of use with the current battery, it will oftentimes only deliver about 15 minutes worth of driving for your child per charge.

Despite the battery's limitations, this vehicle is quite fun for children. It makes an excellent first vehicle for children that will help them become familiar with driving around the neighborhood. The limitations of the vehicle's speed and battery life will mainly help keep your child from traveling far. This isn't the sort of vehicle to last more than a year or so before you'll need to upgrade.

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