The United Kingdom is building its presence in the United States with a new model of the Mini Cooper in the form of a powered riding toy. Your child will be the popular kid on the block as they cruise through the neighborhood in this slick and fashionable vehicle. It comes in a two-toned body complete with authentic racing stripes and emblems. The vehicle holds only one driver, but in a fashionable molded bucket seat.

The body itself is designed to be a replica of the Mini Cooper. It touts front and rear lights as well as stickers to give the authentic appearance of a rear and front grill. The front lights actually work, though this encourages night-time driving, which isn't the safest condition for a child. The body comes in multiple colors in addition to yellow, such as blue and red, though yellow is by far the most popular.

This Kid Trax Mini Cooper has a 6-volt rechargeable battery, which powers the car for one to two hours of continual use. The vehicle has two speed settings: going forward, it can run at 2.5-MPH and reverse at 2.5-MPH.

You should note that this is not an off-road vehicle, unlike the Power Wheels Jeep. It is meant solely for solid terrain like sidewalks and the street. If your child drives it in the grass or over bumpy terrain, it will lose traction quickly. The treads on the Kid Trax Mini Cooper are not designed for difficult terrain, and the motor lacks the power to maneuver over roots or bumps.

The vehicle requires some assembly out of the box before it's ready to run. The instructions are easy to understand. You can have the vehicle ready to hit the road within 30 minutes, but you need to charge the battery before-hand, which can take upwards of a full day.

The Kid Trax Mini Cooper is advertised as ideal for children ages three to seven, but due to the size of the vehicle, it likely won't be able to fit a child who is older than five or six. If you want an authentic-looking vehicle, look no further. It may not be all that a real Mini Cooper is, but the Power Wheels Mini Cooper will excite any child.

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