If there’s one thing Ford is known for, it's the power of its vehicles. With the Power Wheels Ford F-150, you can offer that name-brand power to your child. This vehicle is capable of off-roading and will tame surfaces that most ride-on toys wouldn't be able to manage.

The Power Wheels Ford F-150 is equipped with a 12-volt battery that you'll have to charge before the first use. Charging it will take upwards of a full day, so make preparations if you give this to your child as a gift. That's a lot of time for the vehicle to sit around waiting for its final unveiling without your child accidentally coming across it. When it's fully charged, the vehicle for will run for between one and three hours depending on the driver's weight and the type of terrain conditions.

The vehicle has three different speeds that you'll want to monitor. The Power Wheels Ford F-150 can go forward at 2.5 MPH and 5 MPH, and in reverse at 2.5 MPH. The vehicle can hold up to two children for a combined maximum weight of 130 pounds. The more weight on the vehicle, the shorter the battery life will be.

The wheels are equipped with Monster Traction, which makes them ideally suited for off-road travel. Whether your child wants to traverse wet grass, mud or gravel, they'll be able to do so with this powerful RC vehicle. In addition to the traction, the truck has a power lock brake system, which forces it to a complete stop whenever your child takes their foot off the gas pedal.

A unique feature of this Power Wheel vehicle is the presence of a working truck bed and tailgate. If your child is goes on an adventure, they can pack a lunch for the road and keep it stored there as they travel. The vehicle has "chrome” accents, a working FM radio and swiveling side-view mirrors. Another great Ford ride-on toy with plenty of power and features is the Power Wheels Jeep.

This is the ultimate trucking experience for children. If your child looks up to dad and his favorite truck, then give him one of his own to show off and be proud of. He may not be able to haul a trailer or the family boat, but he can load the vehicle up with his own things and head into the wilds of the neighborhood.

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