With GiftCards.com, you can add a personal touch to your gift cards, which is not something you get with other gift card exchange sites. This website lets you upload a photo and place it on a national brand gift card, making it a personalized gift for your intended recipient. If you don’t want to upload a personal picture, you can choose from a large selection of images to put on your gift card.

One great feature is the ability to purchase eGift cards. These cards have the same features as a normal gift card, but you’re able to send them electronically within minutes of purchasing the card. Like the other cards on its site, GiftCards.com lets you customize the look and background of the card before you send it.

When selling cards, this company works with Cardpool, the top site we researched for selling unwanted gift cards. Cardpool pays a high percentage of a card’s balance, the maximum being 92 percent, just like CardCash.com.

When you're buying discounted gift cards, GiftCards.com lets you search for the cards right on its website, but if you want to purchase a card it redirects you to Cardpool. Because GiftCards.com offers money back on your purchases, however, it makes sense to click to Cardpool from within the GiftCards.com site so your purchases are registered to your GiftCards.com account. You also get money back if you refer someone to the site and they purchase gift cards.

This website has limited searching capabilities. You can use the general search bar, or you can narrow your search by retailer or category. The listings show how much a card is discounted and the amount remaining on each card. While the search options are limited, the site offers strong support tools. It has a FAQs page as well as a customer service number and contact form. Additionally, the service offers a guarantee on all of its gift cards.

The ability to create a personalized card with GiftCards.com makes this site a good choice if you want to customize your gift. While the service lacks search options and charges for shipping, the ability to get money back from your purchases and the purchases of your friends is a nice touch.

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