The Ovation Boost is a lightweight digital hearing aid that offers preprogrammed settings and noise-reduction technology. It's a behind-the-ear model that's suitable for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. This hearing aid is a small model that fits behind the ear, with a thin tube leading to the tip. It comes in a single color and is generally hard to detect unless you're looking for it.

The Ovation Boost comes preprogrammed with four settings to customize your device to your sound environment. These settings include basic amplification, party, TV and noisy. To switch between the four different programs, you simply press a button. In addition to adjusting the settings, you can control the amount of amplification with the volume wheel that has amplification levels that range from one to four.

This hearing aid features adaptive feedback cancellation technology, much like Audicus Uno and Simplicity Hi Fi, to deliver crisp sound by eliminating unwanted noises such as howling and whistling. Layered Noise Reduction technology is designed to reduce background noise when speech is present, without any delay, so you’ll never have to worry about volume-change effects. The device also features wide dynamic-range compression to help make softer sounds easier to hear and louder sounds more comfortable. To get maximum amplification, this hearing aid comes with an optional earhook and thick tubing kit designed to deliver even more sound.

This hearing aid is not waterproof nor does it offer an IP-rating for protection against dust. It consists of a single microphone that directly amplifies sound into your ears with the included tubing and ear tips.

This hearing aid comes with a six-month supply of batteries; an optional earhook; a traditional thick tubing kit; multiple ear tips, including both open and closed models; a protective storage case; a user guide; and a 60-day money back guarantee. The manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty against defects and workmanship.

The FDA-registered Ovation Boost hearing aid offers advanced features such as feedback cancellation and layered noise reduction. However, it does not offer any wireless, Bluetooth or smartphone capabilities, nor does it seem to have a telecoil option for speaking on the phone. However, this digital hearing aid lets you increase amplification based on your hearing loss with an optional kit.

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