The Simplicity Hi Fidelity EP hearing aid is an over-the-ear device designed for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. It comes preprogrammed with a single setting tailored to a specific hearing loss range and is not customizable, unlike the Audicus Uno and Audicus Dia.

This hearing aid features an open-fit design that eliminates the feeling of a plugged-up ear canal and lets sounds flow naturally into your ear. It features a micro poly tube connected to a vented soft dome that sits in your ear canal. This feature is designed to bypass mechanical failure caused by ear wax build-up. However, for greater amplification, you can opt for a medium or large tube. The Simplicity Hi Fidelity EP comes in a single color option, beige, and is so small it's virtually invisible when worn.

It has an automatic circuit construction that works with two electronic controls. With a manual volume control, you can adjust the Simplicity Hi Fidelity EPup or down to a level that's comfortable for you depending on your environment. The tone compression and expansion circuit feature separates incoming sounds into low- and high-pitched frequencies, with the base and treble continuously adjusting automatically for clear sound reproduction. Additionally, this hearing aid amplifies only soft sounds, using acoustic transparency for loud noises. There is no IP rating listed with this unit, so check with your audiologist or hearing specialist to see if the unit is water and dust resistant.

This hearing aid uses size 312 batteries that last approximately 510 hours. The unit emits a beeping sound when the battery is running low and is in need of replacing. The Simplicity Hi Fidelity EP hearing aid comes with a quick-start DVD, an owner's manual, a zinc-air battery, a pocket travel pouch and a cleaning tool. It's backed with a 60-day trial period and a one-year manufacturer's warranty with additional extended warranties available through the manufacturer or third-party sellers.

The Simplicity Hi Fidelity EP is a virtually invisible hearing aid designed to provide enhanced sound control for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Its features separate high- and low-pitched frequencies that require fewer adjustments while you're wearing it. While it offers basic volume control, there is no telecoil option nor does it have wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.

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