Pros / This unit is easy to clean under running water.

Cons / The chin area is difficult to shave with this electric razor.

 Verdict / The Remington Smart Edge XF8700 has a long cordless running time and other perks, but it lacks a few standard features and accessories that would make it more effective.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Remington Smart Edge XF8700 provided a fairly smooth shave in our testing, and it didn't cause irritation to the face at all. It only took two or three passes over the same area to get a close shave, which is pretty normal for an electric razor. Although this electric razor provided a close shave in the test, under the chin was a problem area. It took a little more effort and extra passes to get all the hair.

Like the best electric razors, the Remington Smart Edge XF8700 can shave facial hair in either a wet or dry situation. It also includes a charging dock and cleaning station, features that not all electric razors provide. It just takes a little longer than most when you shave under the chin.

You can shave with shaving cream and water or even in the shower with this razor. If you prefer, you can use this foil razor with dry facial hair when you’re on the go or just in a hurry to shave.

This electric shaver weighs just over 1 pound, which is normal for electric razors for men. In our testing, we found that it felt normal and comfortable in the hand and almost feather light. It measures 5.8 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width and height, which is fairly standard.

We were a little disappointed that there's no corded option, which would allow you to use the razor while it's plugged in. However, as long as you keep it charged, you'll have an hour of cordless running time. If a corded option is important to you, the Wahl LifeProof razor has an even longer battery life than the Remington Smart Edge and it can run on cord power as well.

It comes with a cleaning station, which is the most thorough way to wash a razor. However, you can simply clean this razor under tap water after each use, too, after removing the top.

This Remington electric razor has the standard two-year warranty. Remington provides a FAQs page about this electric razor on its website for your reference. Additionally, you can contact the company by phone and email.

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The Remington Smart Edge XF8700 electric shaver for men has a long cordless running time and includes a lot of standard benefits. However, shaving the chin with this unit was a bit of a problem and took a little more effort than we expected.

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