Pros / A strong warranty inspires confidence in this unit.

Cons / This is the least energy efficient machine we reviewed.

 Verdict / The Maytag MVWB765FW has some innovative features and large capacity but the initial price and cost of operation might not work for the budget-conscious.

The Maytag MVWB765FW is a rare washing machine that features an agitator but it is far from traditional. Usually the machines with a central agitator are a bit outdated. This has a central agitator but still offers innovative features. It would have ranked higher in our lineup if not for the price, which is relatively high. If you want a machine that offers something new and different from your old unit, this could be perfect, though. If you need a more budget-friendly option, consider the GE GTW330ASKWW.

It's not completely updated. There is a dial just like on old machines, but it is modernized and coupled with a sleek digital display. It does not have an Energy Star and is designed to use more kilowatt hours per year than any other. It also ties for the highest estimated overall energy costs per year. That is especially bad when you consider there are machines with quite a bit more capacity in our comparison that are more efficient.

Other ways it is modern and updated include the auto sensing option, which will adjust the water levels for each load in order to optimize cleaning power. The deep fill option will boost water levels in order to get out stubborn stains. You also get a quick wash cycle that offers a combination of elevated water temperatures and extra agitation to shorten the overall wash time.

The Maytag MVWB765FW has an outstanding warranty. You get the standard one year of coverage for parts and labor but 10 years for both the motor and the wash drum. That is good protection of your investment with this machine.

This unit is the smallest overall that we compared – surprising because it is far from the smallest on capacity – so it should fit in most laundry rooms.

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This machine is pretty far behind the others in terms of energy efficiency, but it does have some other good features, including a large capacity. There are also some unexpected cycle types that will help you handle different cleaning situations, and the warranty is strong. The high price might still make it less attractive as an option, though.

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