Pros / A built-in water faucet makes it easier to pre-treat.

Cons / This ties for the most expensive unit in our comparison.

 Verdict / The Whirlpool WTW7500GW has some innovative and unexpected cycle types and a large capacity for handling all different sorts of laundry loads.

The Whirlpool WTW7500GW is a little pricey but it offers some innovative features that will make it feel like an upgrade rather than just a replacement for your old washing machine. One example is the built-in water faucet feature, which is a cool way to make pretreating easier. You can rinse soiled clothing under the stream of water inside the wash tub so the mess is contained.

The WTW7500GW also has a feature to that helps sense the size of each load and then adapts water levels and wash actions based on that information.

You will also notice right away that the controls are sleek and digital – much easier to get precise settings than with the dial style controls. The interior features an impeller rather than an old-fashioned agitator, which leaves more room for larger loads. It offers almost 5 cubic feet of drum space so it can handle huge loads. For a lower-priced large-capacity machine, consider the LG WT7200CV.

This is one of the larger machines we compared but it still manages to be pretty competitive for energy efficiency. It even has an Energy Star from the U.S. Department of Energy, which means it uses 25% less energy and 33% less water than traditional models. There are machines that are more energy efficient, though, even some bigger machines, so that is worth considering.

The WTW7500GW has a good selection of wash cycles, though there were machines with more. Some of the more unique and useful cycles include ColorLast, which uses a gentle wash action and a specific combination of temperature and time to keep clothing looking newer for longer. There is also a deep wash option that adds more water to any load and a quick washing cycle that can be done in 34 minutes.

This machine is pretty compact, considering its large capacity. It's only 27.5 inches wide, which is below average among the machines we compared.

The warranty is just one year on everything. Other machines offered more on motors and wash drums so we were disappointed, especially since it ties for the most expensive unit.

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The WTW7500GW is expensive by comparison but it does offer some truly innovative features that might make it worth the money. It has some unexpected cycle types that may come in handy and the relatively large capacity will be nice for larger households.

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