The best top-load washers give you a multitude of options, barely increase your energy or water bill, and give you plenty of room for your biggest, heaviest items that need washing. Whirlpool’s Cabrio high-efficiency WTW8700EC top-load washer fits the bill as being one of the best out there. This top-load washing machine uses the impeller method to wash clothes, so there’s no center agitator – which means more space for your clothes. If you prefer a more traditional set-up, consider the Frigidaire FFTW1001PW.

The WTW8700EC and its matching dryer, the Whirlpool WED8700EC can be controlled from a smartphone app that lets you start cycles whenever you want remotely. It lets you track the progress of a cycle and you can activate an option that will occasionally toss the laundry in the dryer to prevent wrinkling if it will be sitting for a while.

This Whirlpool top-loader costs a bit more, on average, than the other washers on our list, but it’s still a contender for one of the most cost-efficient models out there, especially compared to traditional washing machines. You can expect to pay approximately $31 per year on your energy bill as this washer consumes 196 kilowatt hours annually. This is on the low end when compared with similar products. The costs can be reduced to as little as $16 a year when used with a natural gas water heater. Water is considerably lower, even though this unit uses 22 gallons of water per wash. Keep in mind, though, that those gallons of water are being used in a massive wash drum. And this Whirlpool washer is still loads more efficient; it is Energy Star certified.

You are almost guaranteed to fit all of your bedding into one load in this huge top-load washing machine. There’s 5.3 cubic feet for you to fill with lots of towels, jeans or even a king-size comforter, and you can likely toss in your sheet set, too. This washer relies on water sprays to clean and rinse your clothes, rather than a center agitator, which means a gentler wash that leads to your clothes lasting longer.

There are 26 wash cycles, including normal, casual, whites, delicates and quick. You can also use the clean washer cycle to keep your washing machine clear of any odor-causing bacteria or soap-scum buildup. This top-loader also gives you the choice between four different soil levels and five water temperatures for wash and rinse cycles.

When you load clothes into this high-efficiency top load washer, the unit senses how much water is needed and uses only what’s necessary. If you’re concerned about whether your clothes will get clean, you can choose to add an extra rinse cycle or choose a higher soil level. You get lots of other options with this machine, too, including touchscreen controls and automatic dispensers for your detergent so you get perfectly mixed detergent and water. Other helpful options include steam cleaning and delay wash. You can control this washer from a smartphone app, which means you can adjust the cycles or start or stop from wherever you are. You can customize your own unique cycle, so you can wash your clothes the way you want. You can save it on your phone so it will remember your preferred routine for washing clothes.

As with most washing machines, this Whirlpool Cabrio includes a one-year limited guarantee against defects. So, the manufacturer will take care of parts and labor on the unit, if they’re proven defective, but nothing more beyond that. You can download the user manual and warranty documents from Whirlpool’s website. Also, there is customer support via phone, email or live chat on the website.

The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW8700EC is an excellent large-capacity top-load washer without an agitator, which increases its washing capacity even more. It has a generous 26 cycles and it gives you the option of customizing your own cycles to wash your clothes to your specifications. You can also wash your clothes whenever it’s convenient for you from your smartphone.

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