Pros / The light weight will make it easier to move up and down stairs when needed.

Cons / There were machines that did a better job of cleaning dog hair.

 Verdict / The Eufy 11S was able to go over almost any obstacle and go under almost any piece of furniture for a complete clean.

This machine can clean and clean quietly. It did a very thorough job of the hardwood flooring in our laboratory. It also was noticeably self-sufficient, needing very little human help to keep cleaning in spite of obstacles.

The 11S was practically perfect in the suction tests. We scattered the same amount of Cheerios on our test floor for each robot vacuum and this one did a great job. All of the cereal was gone and all the way in the dustbin post-test. Most machines had some caught in weird places or at least some dust. With this one it was all completely clean – floor and vacuum.

It did a great job with the kitty litter, too. We spread out 50 grams of litter and had the robot vacuums clean as much as possible in default mode. The 11S was quite good on that test as well. There were a few grains that didn't make it into the dustbin but the floor itself was practically perfect.

It was a little less perfect on the dog hair. It got all of the hair off the floor, which is impressive. A lot of it didn't make it into the dustbin, though. There was plenty stuck on the brush and wheels. If you have to clean the cleaning machine afterwards it sort of defeats the purpose.

This was a great machine for self-sufficiency. It kept on cleaning no matter what the obstacles were. It sailed over some dramatic flooring transitions that other machines couldn't handle. And, while some of the more expensive machines were as good at getting over obstacles as the 11S, they were not as good at the other end of the spectrum. The 11S could get over some tough, tall things but it could also get under the low-slung things. Its slim design allows it to do both.

The 11S was also better than most at cleaning to the very edges of each room. Many of the other machines avoided the borders of our test rooms. This one would get right up by each and clean along it.

This robot vacuum runs for about an hour and forty minutes on a single charge, which is above average compared to others. Unfortunately, it takes up to five hours to fully charge. Others averaged about a three-hour charge time.

This robot's sensors do a good job of keeping it out of trouble, but it is missing a concrete way to block it from going into specific areas. There are no virtual walls or boundary markers that will specifically keep it away from a collection of computer cords in one part of the room, for instance. It can be nice to have that, especially if you like to schedule the 11S to clean when you are not around. This one did a really good job of avoiding trouble on its own, though, and it has specific ledge-detection features to keep it from obvious dangers like crashing down the stairs.

The 11S is easy to use for the most part. You control it with the one button on top of the vacuum or with an easy remote control. We also like the ones that have screens that tell you what is going on with the machine – whether it needs to be emptied or charged. This one has none of that.

There isn't a carry handle but this is super slim and lightweight, so it won't be a big problem to carry it to a different floor when needed. We never saw this robot run into anything but the soft bumper on the front of this robot will protect furniture in case it ever does.

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The Eufy 11S offers so much cleaning power for the price, in terms of both suction strength and coverage. It can go over anything, under anything and far into corners so it never stops cleaning until the very end of its battery life.

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