Pros / With a low profile the Eufy RoboVac got under some furniture that others didn’t.

Cons / The lack of a digital display makes it hard to understand error codes.

 Verdict / The Eufy RoboVac had decent suction but needed help too often to get unstuck and keep cleaning on its own.

The Eufy RoboVac tied for the lowest profile of the units in our robot vacuum reviews. It was one of the only ones to fit under a low-slung wooden chest in our home testing environment. Beyond that feat it was pretty unremarkable. It made our floors cleaner than they would have otherwise been, but it was just average for suction and all other aspects of automatic vacuum cleaners that we tested.

The user interface was a little tough to work with on this one. There is just the one light on top. Some of the better units have a screen with codes or words, or they have recorded messages that let you know what is going on if they stop working. On a fairly regular basis this one would just start vacuuming more quietly and slowly, and its light would go from blue to red. You have to go to the manual to know what's going on. The explanation in the manual was not exactly helpful, though, because it indicated the red light comes on for stuck wheels. But nothing was ever stuck – It just needed to be restarted.

Having to look in the manual to know what is wrong was inconvenient though fairly common among the ones we tested, but having it stop for no reason was downright unacceptable. It would just stop from time to time. That means you cannot leave this one to clean on its own, which defeats at least part of the purpose in purchasing a robot vacuum. There was definitely less debris on the floor when we coaxed it through the cleaning process, but this one seemed to be a lot more trouble than many of the others.

This vacuum had its impressive moments between breakdowns. It was actually pretty good on some obstacles. It made it up and over a drastic threshold that many vacuums would not even attempt, and it was short enough to fit under the wooden chest in our testing.

The suction is decent when you can get this unit moving. In our laboratory tests it was competitive on both carpeting and hardwood flooring. It struggled quite a bit on pet hair because it would tangle it in the brushes rather than getting into the bin. It sucked up more Cheerios and sawdust than a lot of others, though.

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  • Cleaning Performance - Hard
  • Cleaning Performance - Carpet
  • Movement
  • Noise
  • Run Time
  • Charge Time
  1. How well it can handle sweeping and vacuuming debris found on hard flooring.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 12  Eufy RoboVac
    90.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 95.0 %
  5. 90.0 %
  6. Category Average
    88.75 %


If you have a lot of low-slung furniture and don't mind babysitting your automatic vacuum a little, the Eufy RoboVac could be worth a try. It got under some stuff that few others did. It also did a decent job of cleaning the floors when it could get going for a while, but it stopped more often than normal and there wasn't always a discernable reason.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Cleaning Performance-Hard
Cleaning Performance-Carpet
Run Time (hours: minutes)
Charge Time (hours: minutes)
Climbing Height (inches)
Multi-Room Navigation
Scheduled Cleanings
Dirt Sensor
Multiple Passes
Returns to Dock


Ease of Use
Maintenance (minutes)
Weight (pounds)
Diameter (inches)
Height (inches)
Noise (dB)
Side Spinning Brush
Bristle Brush
Flexible Brush
Full Bin Indicator
Soft Bumper

Design Extras

Smartphone App
Remote Control
Boundary Markers
Virtual Wall
Carrying Handle

Warranty & Support

1 Year
Manufacturer Support
Online User Manual
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