Pros / The mopping capability is a nice extra that many competitors don't have.

Cons / This vacuum really struggled to clean most types of debris off hard flooring.

 Verdict / While unexceptional in most ways, the iLife is outstanding at removing pet hair.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The iLife V3 is a bit of a lightweight, for better and for worse. It weighs less than any of the others in our robotic vacuum reviews, and that can be nice when you need to it somewhere else in the house. It also is a little light on suction, though, and that is not ideal. It scored the lowest of all competitors in our hard flooring suction tests overall. It excelled on certain, specific tests, though. It was the very best, or tied for the best, at removing pet hair on three different laboratory tests, so it might be a good fit for pet owners.

This vacuum robot struggled to remove most other types of debris from most hard surfaces in our laboratory, especially when we tested on sawdust. It blew a lot of the sawdust out of the way with its fan. Even the sawdust that it ran over it didn't collect in most cases. We used flour to simulate fine dust in our testing, and the iLife V3 struggled even more than most on this task. It collected less of the flour than almost all competitors. All of them seemed to spread the flour out more than vacuum it up, including the iLife V3.

The iLife V3 was quite good at maneuvering around most obstacles. It was one of the few that got around the dining room table legs in our home tests. It was not able to conquer the largest flooring transition between tile and wood flooring, though. It got fully stuck and stayed stuck. It was not the only one that did, and the threshold is very dramatic, so it was not too surprising. We were surprised that it avoided one of the thinner rugs in our test house, though. The transition from the wood flooring to this particular rug was not all that drastic, and the iLife was eventually able to get onto the rug, but it should not have been that difficult.

The iLife ran into its own base a lot, too. A lot of the vacuum cleaners had that problem. Instead of gently moving into place for charging, they crashed into their base and pushed it out of the way. That means less self-sufficiency because you will have to find where the vacuum ran out of juice and take it back to the base yourself.

This is one of the few automatic vacuum cleaners that offer a mopping function, so that adds some to its versatility and ease of use. It cleaned up some dried muddy footprints that we put in its path in our test kitchen.

The V3's display was not the easiest to understand with just the one light. It wasn't always clear why it stopped when it stopped. You have to refer to the manual to find out, and that was a step you don't have to take with the units that have a more user-friendly display.

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This is one of the more versatile robot vacuums we tried, when you consider its mopping capability, but it wasn't great at vacuuming hard flooring so that makes it hard to recommend fully if your house has a lot of hardwood. It is also not the best at cleaning carpets, though it did a better job on those than on hard flooring. This is the least expensive of all the units we tried, so it might be nice if you just want to try a robot vacuum before fully investing in a better machine. It also is worth a try if your main problem is pet hair. It was excellent for that in our tests.

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