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Skoove Review

Skoove is an online piano learning software available for desktop computers and Apple mobile devices. It’s compatible with MIDI keyboards.

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Our Verdict

Skoove’s online interface is easy-to-use and makes it fun to learn popular songs spanning multiple musical genres.


  • This software has a great selection of modern songs for every skill level.


  • Skoove isn’t a good option for someone interested in learning important tenets of music theory.
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Skoove is an online piano learning software available for desktop computers and Apple mobile devices. It’s compatible with MIDI keyboards. If you have an acoustic piano, Skoove gives you real-time feedback by listening with the microphone in your phone, tablet or laptop. The online interface is easy to navigate and doesn’t require you to download any software - you can access your account from any internet-connected computer. This software also helps you learn songs using the virtual piano via your computer’s keyboard.

A premium subscription gives you access to more than 250 lessons, and Skoove adds new exercises to the curriculum every month. You can choose from three different subscription options: 1-month, 3-month or 12-month. The longer the subscription, the lower the monthly cost. There’s an extremely limited free trial, but it’s sufficient to get a feel for the interface and lesson offering. The beginner lessons start with simple posture exercises and jump right into songs in the key of C. This software doesn’t spend much time teaching sight-reading and music theory. Instead, it emphasizes learning simple songs and injects theory tenets along the way.

Each lesson takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and by the end of the beginner courses, you’ve learned intervals and the necessary skills to play more than 50 popular songs from the catalog. The intermediate lessons introduce accidentals, minor keys, multiple sharps and flats and adds more classical and modern pop hits. Skoove doesn’t have as many ear-training and sight-reading courses as Playground Sessions and Piano Marvel, but the song selection is among the best in our test group if you enjoy modern pop music. This curriculum doesn’t have as many classical or jazz songs as the best programs we tested, so you may want to consider a more specialized software if you want to learn selections outside the pop genre.

Skoove is available in six different languages, and the interface walks you through the setup process step-by-step. Once you choose your input device and tell the software if you are using headphones or not, you are prompted to begin lessons. The software uses an AI algorithm to give you real-time feedback and improve the lessons by analyzing troublesome topics and adding content to help users improve.

Skoove is a great piano learning software if you want to learn popular modern songs quickly. We don’t recommend this software for learning music theory or classical music, but if you want to learn some songs to impress friends and family at a party, this is a great option. The online platform is easy-to-use, doesn’t require a powerful computer or tablet and allows you to take lessons from any computer or Apple device with internet connectivity.

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