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AdoramaPix Photobook Review

When we compared photo books side by side, the AdoramaPix book was the winner for presentation. The book quality is superb, even with all settings on default mode. The pages and cover are thick and the print quality is excellent. The books even have a reasonable price.

Our Verdict

This site, which produces excellent print quality, would work best for those with design experience.


  • AdoramaPix has the most book size options of the services we compared.


  • Other photo book websites are easier to use.
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When we compared photo books side by side, the AdoramaPix book was the winner for presentation. The book quality is superb, even with all settings on default mode. The pages and cover are thick and the print quality is excellent. The books even have a reasonable price. The online interface is not the easiest to use, however, and this site has fewer backgrounds and cover options than the top two companies. If you can find a design you like with this service – and you can navigate the website – we’re confident you will love the printed photo books.


AdoramaPix’s 8 x 8 photo book costs $41.99, this is more than most other services, but considering the high-end product you get, the price is good. This company does charge for standard shipping and tax so the price will go up about $10 more. When adding additional pages, you must add two at a time. The cost is $2.00 for two pages. This is a good price compared to most other services, especially given the thick paper this company uses.

Quality & Services

For our sample book, AdoramaPix used thick lustre pages with a photo-like finish, so all of the photos look like they could be originals. The cover is noticeably thicker and sturdier than most competitors’ books and the pages lay flat rather than sticking up at the crease. The lay-flat feature is usually an expensive extra with other companies, but that was just part of the normal book with AdoramaPix. The quality was good enough that we assumed the price would also be much higher, but it wasn't. There were more expensive photo books in our comparison that did not have the same quality. This service does not offer 8.5 x 11 photo books so we ordered the next closest size: 8 x 10.

This online photo book printing service was not perfect, though. The selection of backgrounds and predesigned books is good but not great, though the ones that are there are attractive. The lack of a flyleaf is a slight drawback, but the thickness of the pages and the cover will ensure that the book is protected for ages. You can add a flyleaf but it costs extra.

Book Options

This photo book service offers 15 book sizes, much more than any other service we tested. Even with all of those choices it still lacks a few of the most common sizes, like 11 x 14 and 8.5 x 11, but there are sizes close to that so you should be able to find a size that fits your vision.

Cover type selection is decent with this site, though there are sites with more. Your AdoramaPix project can have a hard, leather-like, genuine leather, fabric or die-cut cover that features a window for a favorite photo. You may miss the option of a low-cost softcover for more casual projects, especially if you are printing a large quantity. This service is ideal when making a book for a formal occasion like a wedding or for a photography portfolio since the cover and paper options are more high-end without costing too much.

AdoramaPix offers a lot of choice in terms of paper, along with recommendations and other useful information to help you select the right paper to match with your photo book's aesthetic and contents.

Album Creation

You start the photo book creation process by choosing the theme of your photo book. You can then upload photos from your computer, social media or photo sharing sites like Flickr and Amazon Photo. The software places the photos automatically, or you can place each picture manually. If you don’t want to use one of the many predesigned layouts, you can create a photo book from a blank slate with your own templates and layouts. The software allows you to choose your own photo placement and embellishments as well as edit your photos using its design tools.

This was not the easiest interface to use when compared with other photo book sites, but it still outranked many. One feature that adds to ease of use is the alignment lines that you can use to place images exactly where you want them. The Mirror Spread option is a nice tool because you can duplicate a photo arrangement on the next page without starting from scratch.

Shipping & Support

AdoramaPix averages three days for processing and printing your photo book. It offers overnight, two-day and international shipping so that you can get your photo book as soon as possible.

The photo book service offers a few different resources for technical support, including video tutorials, FAQs and user forums. You can also call customer support or send an email if you have questions after looking over that information. An option for live chat would be a nice addition to customer support for those answers you need right away.

AdoramaPix received the highest score for quality in our photo book reviews based on the gorgeous project we made using the site. We left all default options in place on all the sites, but in the case of AdoramaPix, even the default options are elegant. The online service isn't the easiest to use, but it also isn't the worst we've seen. There are plenty of backgrounds, stickers and layouts to help you customize a beautiful book.