TicketCity lets you browse for tickets for many high-profile sporting events, including the Super Bowl. In our research, this website had some of the cheapest tickets for the Super Bowl that we could find. Many other ticket companies don’t even have ticket offerings available for the NFL’s Big Game.

Most tickets for the Super Bowl are given out to season ticket holders for the stadium where the game is being held and to season ticket holders for the two teams. Many of the remaining tickets are distributed to major companies like Visa to use in promotional packages. Because of this scarcity, prices can rise inconsistently right up until the day of the game. When you purchase a ticket for the Super Bowl through TicketCity or any other ticket website, you’re purchasing your ticket from a season ticket holder who has listed their ticket.

The NFL also sells Super Bowl ticket packages through its On Location Experiences service. These packages are more expensive than tickets alone, and they typically come with dining options, meet and greets with former players, and other VIP services. If you're just looking for tickets to a regular season NFL game, we recommend you purchase from Ticketmaster because it's the official reselling marketplace for the league.

The service fees TicketCity charges are among the highest of all the sports ticket websites we reviewed. This site’s service fees for our three test sporting events averaged 28 percent. This is the second highest of the services we researched. If you’re looking to save the most money on ticket prices and fees, you might want to shop from Coast to Coast Tickets because it has the lowest fees of the sites we researched.

Just like other companies we researched, there is no return policy or ticket insurance with TicketCity. This means you cannot return tickets you have bought; all sales are final. Your only option if you can’t use the tickets you purchased is to resell them online through TicketCity or another company. The only way that you can get a refund from this company is if your event is cancelled and not rescheduled.

The user benefits include premium parking and a rewards program. You can purchase gift cards, which are useful if you have friends or family members who are sports fans as well. TicketCity does send alerts, which could help you remember when to buy tickets for upcoming events.

TicketCity has a large array of help and support features. There is a FAQs section on the website that is concise and easy to navigate. The company also has phone, email and live chat support.

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