Pros / You can sell tickets directly to the website.

Cons / Its fees were high in our tests.

 Verdict / With tickets to more than 100,000 events, TicketCity is a great place to shop for more than just games.

TicketCity has been around since 1990, when the business began as an over-the-phone venture. It transitioned to online sales in 1998. In that time, more than 1 million customers have bought more than 4 million tickets. The website looks slightly dated and a little cluttered, similar to Ticketmaster, but despite its flaws, it has a ton of game tickets.

Searching for tickets is easy with the free text search bar, or you can shop through unique categories like rivalry games, Big Ten or Big 12 championship games, the UFC and even the Super Bowl. Granted, Super Bowl tickets are going to cost a fortune, but this is one of the few secondary market websites where you can buy them. If you’re in the market for some tickets to the Big Dance, you can also check out Razorgator. When looking at tickets for any game, you can sort by number of tickets, section or zone. These aren’t very helpful filters for most users, and it’s unclear how many tickets are still available for any given game. The seating map is interactive. However, some seats display as a “Top Value Selection,” and it’s unclear where they are until you hover your mouse over the seating map.

You can see photos from your seat for some venues, which is nice, but it doesn’t make up for the confusing ticket display. Available tickets display in tiles, and while some are labeled as the low price option or the best value option, the others display in seemingly random order. We found websites that display available tickets in a vertical row were easier to interpret. Once you click on a ticket and start viewing the details, a timer sometimes shows at the top of the page that says you’ll only qualify for that price for a limited time. The countdown clock is a little unnerving, and we didn’t see anything like it on the other websites we tested.

One nice thing about TicketCity is the ticket resale system. Most websites let you post your tickets at your own asking price and take a cut of your profits. TicketCity buys your tickets directly from you, so there’s no waiting around to see if it will sell. All you do is submit an online form, or you can call the customer service line and do it over the phone. You can expect to hear from TicketCity within the same business day. You might get less for your ticket from this website than if you set your own price on another one, but it could be worth it if you need cash fast.

From a buyer’s perspective, TicketCity’s prices weren’t very impressive. To test this, we compared the base price of the cheapest tickets for three specific games on all websites we evaluated. TicketCity’s prices weren’t the most expensive, but they also weren’t the cheapest, earning it a C+. StubHub, on the other hand, earned an A+, so if your purse strings are tight you should shop there.

TicketCity also has a Corporate Rewards program businesses can use to earn discounts. In addition, you can shop on the TicketCity app or sign up for email alerts to see when a ticket price changes. These features make TicketCity convenient, especially if you’re looking for inexpensive tickets.

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