Pros / These online piano lessons provide lessons that encompass many different styles of piano playing as well as lessons for all different skill levels.

Cons / There aren't any tools to track your progress.

 Verdict / Piano With Willie provides the opportunity to improve your piano playing at any skill level. Willie provides structured lessons that flow well and keep you engaged throughout.

Piano With Willie is an online piano program developed by Willie Myette, an accomplished pianist who studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Piano With Willie provides over 3,500 lessons for studio member students and covers a wide variety of playing styles. The videos teach you at a steady pace and don't overwhelm you with information, but keep you invested in playing.

There are two types of memberships that you can purchase – studio and premier memberships. The studio membership is $49 a month with options to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. When you purchase a studio membership you get unlimited access to over 3,500 lessons, the online user community and downloadable MP3 and MIDI tracks with sheet music. Becoming a premier member has additional benefits. With a premier membership you have access to everything a studio member gets with additional check-ins and teacher feedback as well as monthly live training sessions with Willie via Skype.

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Student Experience

Some of the best online piano lessons that we reviewed feature real-time practice tracking tools so you can see how long you have practiced and track your progress. This requires you to connect a MIDI keyboard to your computer so you can interact with the software. These online piano lessons don't track your practice. However, it does let you know how far along you are in a particular lesson – as it displays a percentage of completion before you click on a lesson.

If you become a premium member you can have one-on-one Skype lessons with your instructor, but there doesn't seem to be a place that you can request a song or lesson anywhere on the website. When you purchase a membership, you also gain access to downloadable sheet music as well as jam tracks to accompany your playing.

For novice players, these online piano lessons provide what's called the 30-day Success Playbook. This is a booklet of downloadable content that covers the fundamentals of playing piano. Once you complete the playbook you can move on to other video lessons.

We took the first two lessons from the beginning courses. In the first courses, you won't be doing a ton of playing, but Willie moves along the content at a good pace, where you don't get bored with the lessons, but you won't get lost in the information either.

Willie encourages you to practice your lessons. He mentions that every lesson is a building block for the next, so it is important to practice the previous lessons so you can continue to grow as a player. This positive reinforcement is important to stay motivated and continue on with the lessons.


There is something for every style of piano and every skill level within these online lessons. These playing styles include jazz, blues, rock, Latin, gospel and funk. You can filter through the lessons by element, level genre, tonality and even key and time signatures, making it easy to find the exact lesson plans you want to learn.

One of the major benefits of taking piano lessons online from Willie is that it covers a wide variety of playing concepts as well. There are lesson plans dedicated to helping you improve your site reading, song writing and musical theory.

Help and Support

Members have access to an online community where you can ask questions about lessons and start discussions with the instructors and other students. You can also contact Piano With Willie by phone or email if you have any questions concerning your lessons.


Piano With Willie provides a structured lesson plan that is well balanced. The lessons are an appropriate length and have a good flow to them. Although there aren't tools to help keep track of your playing, there are lessons for every skill level and many different styles of playing. Piano With Willie provides something for everyone.

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