Pros / This software monitors all websites and online searches, recording usernames and passwords. It tracks applications used and has a modern and sleek user interface.

Cons / This product lacks tools to block websites and applications.

 Verdict / Refog Personal Monitor is good software to track computer and internet use in your home. However, it cannot prevent users from accessing questionable websites.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Monitoring Software here.

Refog Personal Monitor offers quality tools to monitor computer and internet use on any computer in your home. You can set keyword alerts, track email, record the use of all applications and more. This monitoring software is preconfigured, making it easy to install and run. Even a computer novice can do it.

Nevertheless, Refog Personal Monitor lacks the ability to block websites and applications. You cannot prevent children and others from viewing sites with questionable content, such as pornography or hate sites, or even online games, which can fritter away time.

Features offered in this computer tracking software include monitoring of all websites visited and online searches. It can record usernames and passwords input on any monitored computer and detect applications launched.

Refog logs keystrokes, so you can see everything users type, and it operates in either stealth or non-stealth mode. It takes screenshots and logs them, and you can schedule screenshots at certain times. For example, if children spend time on a computer after school, you can schedule screenshots for that time.

Unlike most products on our top ten lineup, Refog Personal Monitor lets you view monitored computers in real time. It offers password protection so it cannot be tampered with, and it has hotkey access.

Key features that are found in other products in our ranking are not found in Refog. They include website and application blocking, remote access and mobile access. This monitoring software does not let you schedule access to monitored computers.

Refog Personal Monitor gets high marks for its reporting capabilities, which include the important option of searchable reports. This lets you quickly find captured data by keywords, and you can search by username. It offers video-style playback, email alerts and reports, as well as local and remote reporting.

Refog Personal Monitor customer support is responsive. There's an email form to fill out on the product website. Representatives replied to our emails within a day. There are also online FAQs, and live chat support if you purchase the product.

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Refog Personal Monitor has a modern interface and is easy to use. Its monitoring features work smoothly, tracking and logging computer and internet activities. The drawback to this monitoring software is that it offers no blocking capabilities. You cannot prevent those in your home from viewing pornography or unwanted online influences, or from accessing computer applications.

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