Pros / You can choose to have CyberPatrol warn about a potentially dangerous website rather than to automatically block it.

Cons / Google Chrome is not a supported browser.

 Verdict / CyberPatrol is effective internet filter software if your browsers are Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Internet Filter Software here.

CyberPatrol is effective internet filter software with handy features. It limits the time that each user can spend online or on programs such as PC based games. It does more than just block inappropriate sites. It blocks or filters instant messaging and chat programs, peer-to-peer file sharing and other installed software such as games and financial programs. With CyberPatrol you can help keep your children from accessing unsuitable sites and protect them from cyber bullies and online predators. You can block inappropriate words and phrases, and ensure that your children don’t release personal information.

Another impressive feature of this program is the ability to set time limits. You can set specific times when each user is allowed to get online. You can also set time limits for each day, or set a weekly time allowance. But more than just set time restrictions for internet use, with this application, you can manage time limits for other PC programs such as computer games. This internet filter software features good reporting tools and monitoring capabilities. The reports are quite detailed, including the time and duration of each page visited. Summary reports are also available for each week or every day.

The program can help you enable appropriate internet use, not just restrict harmful sites. Settings can be fixed to allow parents to override blocks and time limits. Of course this requires a password, but it can be beneficial when your child needs to view information that otherwise might be blocked or needs extra time for a big project. For older kids, you might decide to place warnings rather than just definitive blocks. You can even specify which sites to always block or always allow.

CyberPatrol is easy to navigate and use the various functions and tools. The software is organized using a basic tree structure, which is always viewable on the screen so you know where you are in the program. The layout and organization are simple to follow. A characteristic that makes the program particularly easy to use is the level of customization you can control. There’s no limit to the number of user profiles. Each user can have unique settings, restrictions or allowances. The software filters 14 distinct categories including adult, chat, gambling and violence. Each category can be set to one of five strength levels. The desired level is easy to choose or change with self-explanatory, adjustable sliders.

Establishing individual user profile details is simple with predefined user levels for children, young teens, mature teens and adults. Setup is quick. Scheduling specific time restrictions or allotments is simple with the time grid, allowing you to set generic time limits for a week or specific allotments for each day. The program is sold on a one-year subscription basis that is available to download on up to three PCs.

This internet filter software filters inappropriate content. Complementing the product’s effectiveness is the ability to add sites that should be blocked. If you find a questionable site that isn’t blocked, you can set it to be restricted for a specific user or for all users. On the other hand, if there’s a site that is blocked that you’d like to always allow, simply put the site on the white list. You can also manage allowed or restricted material by entering specific keywords.

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CyberPatrol informs you about what your kids do online. It is a tool that blocks pornographic sites or any other sites you deem inappropriate. You can control how much time your children spend on computer games and how long they spend online.

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