Pros / It can take screenshots of computer activity at programmed intervals.

Cons / There is no feature for filtering websites by category.

 Verdict / Verity performs well as a monitoring program by taking screenshots of computer activity but falls short in features that can help prevent certain activities from taking place.

These days, the emphasis on parental control software is a matter of prevention rather than punishment. Verity is an effective website blocker that can ban specific sites from being accessed by certain users, but it does not work well as a pornography filter. This doesn't mean it's not a program worth looking into, as it has a number of monitoring features that many internet filter software programs don't offer.

One thing Verity has that few other programs do is the ability to record keystrokes. While this feature may seem to be a bit far reaching, it doesn't record password or login data. The ability to turn screenshot capture on is another important feature that can literally show you what your child is doing online. Verity also has an effective chat monitoring feature.

When combined, these monitoring capabilities can be used to seek out evidence of cyberbullying or sexual harassment – or worse. Unlike some internet filter software programs, Verity doesn't have the ability to automatically identify instances of cyberbullying or sexual harassment. Instead, you are required to root out evidence on your own; however, it is possible to do so. There are other programs, such as Surfie, that makes tracking and stopping cyberbullying and sexual harassment easier without having to setup any filters or look deep for the information.

Reporting and notification features can tell you how much time your child spent online, what websites were visited, if any prohibited websites were attempted, online searches performed and can present you with all screenshots taken during a given timeframe. Additionally, Verity has a time management feature that allows you to set certain off-limits hours during the day and even gives you the option to set maximum daily time limits.

Help and support channels are numerous, with certain exclusions. There is no live chat option offered and telephone support costs extra; however, you can communicate with tech support via email and there is an online user guide that is accessed through the dashboard. Verity is compatible with PC computers running Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 but is incompatible with mobile devices and Mac computers.

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Verity internet safety software has a number of highly usable features that could make it an attractive child monitoring option. However, its lack of basic features like category-driven content filtering makes it less effective than other available programs.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Filtering, Blocking & Monitoring

Filter Categories
Social Network Blocking
Online Search Monitoring
Instant Message/Chat
Gaming Restrictions
Time Management
Anti-Cyberbullying Monitoring

System Compatibility

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Mac OS

Installation & Support

Setup & Configuration Wizard
Searchable Knowledgebase
Live Chat

Recording & Alerts

Social Network Activity
Chat Activity
Photo & Video Activity
Websites Visited
Email Sent & Received
Online Searches Performed
Cell Phone Tracking
Text Alerts
Summary Reports


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