Pros / This blow dryer is really lightweight.

Cons / This hair dryer has the lowest air speed out of all of the ones we tested.

 Verdict / With its wide temperature range, cord length, low weight and useful accessories, this hair dryer is works well for any hair type but is not as good for thick hair as it is for fine hair.

The CHI Pro Hair Dryer is a quality blow dryer from Farouk. This professional hair dryer is designed to strengthen your hair and reduce frizz. It also includes two attachments that make it easy to style and dry your hair, but it works better for some hair types than others.

The CHI Pro did well among our testers with its relatively low noise level and well-balanced design. It weighs only 17.4 ounces, making it one of the lighter hair dryers. We measured the sound level at 91 dB, so it isn't the quietest hair dryer but definitely isn't the loudest either. It is powered by a DC motor, which weighs less than an average AC motor but typically doesn't last as long either. It has only 1,500 watts of power and low airflow compared to the other hair blow dryers we tested, making it a good dryer for fine and curly hair but not a particularly good one for thick hair. This is a ceramic hair dryer; while this means it uses infrared heat to gently dry hair, it doesn't protect hair as much as ionic or tourmaline heating technologies do. If you want a blow dryer that is gentle on sensitive or damaged hair, you might be interested in the Panasonic Nanoe.

Though the CHI Pro has two speed options, this hair dryer has a lower maximum air speed than other hair dryers in our review, so it makes hair drying take longer. However, the CHI Pro's power cord is 11 feet long, the longest cord in our review, which means that this hair dryer gives you the greatest range of movement when you dry. Farouk includes a Velcro strip attached to the power cord so you can keep the cord under control when not in use and wrap it up for traveling.

This professional hair dryer includes two accessories: a concentrator and a diffuser, both of which did well in our tests. The concentrator allows you to direct the airflow of the hair dryer to certain areas of your hair. The diffuser tool gives you an even blow, and it features prongs that enhance curls and waves. It also features a cold shot button. This button is ideal to use when your hair is still damp because it prevents over-drying and helps set in your style.

This product has a two-year warranty, which is average for this type of device, but it's best for hair dryers at this price to have at least a five-year warranty. Farouk has email and telephone contact options in case you have any questions or concerns about this blow dryer. When we contacted Farouk via email, we received answers in a friendly and timely manner.

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With 1,500 watts, the CHI Pro Hair Dryer is a powerful ceramic hair dryer, but it isn’t so strong that it will cause extensive damage to fine or curly hair. It's decently quiet, nicely balanced and light. Its diffuser, concentrator and long extension cord make it impressively versatile. However, this is not the best hair dryer for thick hair.

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