Pros / This blow dryer features nanoe technology, which infuses hair with more moisture than other types of dryers.

Cons / The Panasonic Nanoe does not offer color options.

 Verdict / The Panasonic Nanoe is ideal for all hair types, and its ability to add a large amount of moisture to hair during the drying process makes this hair dryer particularly beneficial if you blow dry your hair every day.

The Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner. This powerful blow dryer features three heat settings and a cool shot button. It also uses nanoe heating technology, which adds volume and shine to your hair. This professional hair blow dryer comes with three different attachments and includes a two-year warranty. It is a powerful drying tool and easily one of the top hair dryers available.

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This blow dryer features 1,875 watts of power, which makes it ideal for all hair types. The high number of watts ensures that it has enough power and heat to quickly dry thick and coarse hair, and the low heat settings are ideal for thin and fine hair as well. The wattage featured on this device is similar to what you will find on many of the best hair dryers. Additionally, The Panasonic Nanoe features three different heat settings, and you can use it on a high or a low speed. It also features a cool shot button, which prevents your hair from overdrying and can help you set your hairstyle for the day.


With a noise level of only 87 decibels, this was one of the quietest hair dryers that we tested; however, our testers did say that this hair dryer emitted a high-pitched whine when it was on. On a positive note, testers did say that it was well-balanced and very lightweight. They also mentioned that the cool shot button clicked in nicely without adding strain to their hands.

Unlike the other hair dryers that we tested, the Panasonic Nanoe is the only one that features nanoe heating technology that uses moisture from your hair and air to create particles which strengthen your hair. The added moisture results in shiny and healthy hair, and the added strength can also prevent breakage.

The overall appearance of the Nanoe blow dryer is basic when compared to similar products. It features a removable air filter that you can regularly clean. It also features a long 9-foot power cord, which greatly increased our flexibility when we were testing dryers.

This Panasonic hair dryer is black and pink in color. There are no other color choices available, not even a neutral option, which is a drawback.


One large advantage to this blow dryer is that it includes three different attachments that connect the front of the device. Most hair dryers only offer one or two attachments.

A quick-dry nozzle is included, which is a basic nozzle that allows you to quickly dry all of your hair at once. Our testers verified that it does indeed speed the drying process. Since its purpose is speed, it is most useful if you do not plan to style your hair as you dry. A regular concentrator is also included, and you should use it when you want to style your hair. This concentrator tool allows you to focus on certain areas of your hair and direct the airflow to those specific areas.

When our testers used the diffuser, they confirmed that it helps you keep your curls intact and your frizz maintained. All of the included accessories with this hair dryer are pink. This wide range of attachments, air speeds and temperatures make this hair dryer highly useful for all types of hair.

Warranty & Support

This Panasonic blow dryer features a two-year warranty, which is average for comparable products. The best warranties available for hair dryers are five years or more.

If you wish to speak to a representative from Panasonic, there are several contact options. We were able to reach a support representative via email, live chat and telephone. Panasonic was the only company out of all of the hair dryer brands we tested that had a live chat option.


The Panasonic Nanoe is a powerful hair dryer that features technology that not only protects your hair but also improves its health and shine. The three included accessories allow you to easily achieve the look you desire, no matter your hair type. We are also impressed with the long power cord that prevents you from feeling tethered to a power outlet. In our tests, the high pitch of the motor was noticeable, and there’s no neutral color option. However, the Panasonic Nanoe provides outstanding technology to keep your hair strong and protected, and it features the speeds and heat to make this device ideal for all hair types.

Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA65-K Visit Site