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The Best Cotton Candy Machines of 2017

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Cotton Candy Machines Review

Why Buy a Cotton Candy Machine?

The modern cotton candy machine was invented by a dentist for the 1906 World’s Fair, and it was an immediate hit. Cotton candy machines, like the Back to Basics Cotton Candy Maker, the Carnival King CCM28 and the Waring Cotton Candy Maker, melt sugar into liquid form, then spin the liquid in a centrifuge while forcing it out of very thin holes, creating strands or “floss.” The cotton candy machine operator catches the sticky cotton candy by swirling a cone around the inside of a bowl, catching the strands of spun sugar and wrapping them around the cone until a nice puffy plume of cotton candy is ready to eat. Various cotton candy colors and flavors are available simply by adding food coloring. In fact, machines can now make sugar-free cotton candy, which is a great treat for diabetics or those who are on a diet.

Cotton Candy Machines: What to Look For

If you want a home cotton candy machine as a novelty appliance, look for a simple machine in a low price range. Some of the more durable machines have suctioned feet for added safety and features like dishwasher-safe bowls and reusable plastic cones. If you want a more durable cotton candy machine for your business, look for a cotton candy maker that has at least a 1.5 horsepower engine and a stainless steel head. You can also purchase cotton candy stands or carts that provide mobility and added sales opportunities.

Types of Machines
Commercial cotton candy machines feature heavy-duty engines and large, multi-quart basins for fast and efficient operation. They also have lock-down features to make it more portable. Some are designed to fit into a cotton candy cart that helps you display the cotton candy and keep it warm.

Models for home or commercial use are sturdy but smaller and less expensive. These in-between models are a good option for schools, churches and other organizations that might use their cotton candy machines for special occasions and fundraisers. You can buy a simple cotton candy maker to operate on a tabletop, or get a colorful cart to draw attention to your product and add old-timey flair.

Home cotton candy makers are a novelty for kids and adults. All they require is sugar and paper cones. Kids can develop their own technique for “spinning” as they go along. Home cotton candy makers are available in a few sizes and price ranges, based on how often you plan on using it.

Sugar-Free Machines
One welcome feature of cotton candy machines is the availability of sugar-free cotton candy. You can purchase specially formulated sugar-free cotton candy mix, but there are also home cotton candy machine models that will allow you to make cotton candy from sugar-free hard candy.

Care & Maintenance
Cotton candy makers are fun, but it is important to keep them clean after each use, particularly if you’re putting them in storage for an extended period of time. For commercial machines, this requires a few types of tools and a little time. Home machines will need a good wipe-down with a clean cloth and hot water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you’ve reached all the sugary spots.

With cotton candy makers, you can spin sugar for a fun family night or for a profitable addition to a concession stand. The right cotton candy maker and stand should have the right mixture of fun and portability.