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The Best Dryers of 2016

Set it and Forget it With the Right Dryer
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Why Dryers?

Dryers get no respect. Consumers tend to invest significant amounts of time and energy researching the perfect washer. Then, often as an afterthought, they throw a matching dryer on their order and move on.

Manufacturers are putting more and more emphasis on designing dryers that shine on their own, with advances in efficiency and more specialized clothing care options than ever. High-end dryers, like their washer counterparts, are moving in the direction of smart technology, so you can see what is happening from your smartphone and even change the settings on your dryer. If your dryer bites the dust and you decide to keep the old washer, or if you want to base your decision about a new laundry set on the merits of both appliances, not just the washer, we have done your homework for you.

We examined the best energy efficient dryers on the market today and compared them side by side to help you find the ideal electric dryer. We found the best clothes dryers to be the Samsung DV457, LG Smart ThinQ and the Whirlpool Smart Front Load. Take a look at our Learning Center for even more information and articles about dryers.

Dryers: What to Look For

We examined 10 of our favorite energy efficient dryers on the market today and compared them side by side to help you find the best dryer for your needs. We considered the following factors as we evaluated various clothes dryers:

The best modern dryers offer much more than the previous generation, adding useful things like steam to their mix of features. Many of the high-end dryers also offer smart features that let you monitor and even control your machine from your smartphone. While some won't use the smart features, others will love them, especially people who are used to doing everything from their smartphone. Smart technology also allows you to diagnose problems and communicate with the manufacturer conveniently through your smartphone. Some dryers will even alert you via text message and send a message to the manufacturer if there is a problem.

Some of the latest technology also implements occasional tumbling after a cycle to prevent wrinkling (steam cycles can also reduce wrinkling). It is convenient to know you can load your dryer and leave without worrying about finding a crinkled clump of laundry upon your return. Some dryers also allow you to delay the start of a load so you can time it to finish just as you return. Modern dryers also include noise and vibration reduction systems, so you may forget it’s even running. Luckily, most have an end-of-cycle signal too, just in case the quiet operation has lulled you to sleep. For people who prefer to keep it simple and just want a dryer that does the basics, with maybe a few extras thrown in, there are plenty of options in that line as well.

Cycles & Design
Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern design or something more traditional, a dryer should look nice and complement the room it occupies. Even more importantly, the design should also be functional and make setting the options and cycles an easy process. If you want to add steam or activate a wrinkle reduction option to a cycle, for instance, a well-designed machine will make doing so intuitive and easy.

The best dryers have a rich selection of cycles to choose from so you can customize your drying needs. If you are drying a load of towels or routinely dry large loads for a big family, you should be able to easily select the cycle that will facilitate whatever load you throw in. The best dryers include drum lights so you don’t leave any stray socks behind. Your dryer should make it easy to situate the door hinge on either side of the appliance so you can configure your laundry space any way you like. LED displays make it easy to see when your load will be done, and child locks could protect your dress from getting shrunk by a little one who decides all the shiny buttons on the machine look like a fun diversion.

Energy Efficiency
Until quite recently, energy efficiency was not a high priority among the majority of dryer manufacturers. But it has become increasingly important in recent years, and companies have begun developing dryers that cut down on the overuse of electricity, while saving you money on utility bills. Energy Star gave out its first Emerging Technology Award to our number one product, the Samsung DV457, because it uses 36 percent less energy than conventional models, thus cutting down significantly on utility bills, as well as CO2 emissions.

Quality clothes dryers have advanced sensor systems that monitor the moisture content in clothing and stop the cycle when your clothes are dry. This will result in significant energy savings. Some models also offer energy-savers like a lint filter and duct-clog monitors. Keeping those airways clean makes dryers much more green, which can save you green.

Help & Support

We evaluated the customer service options from the manufacturers of each product in our lineup of dryers. Whether or not you purchase a dryer directly from a manufacturer, you’re likely to have a question from time to time. Having access to online PDF manuals is one very convenient way to get information and find answers to some of your questions. Many of the products in our list of clothes dryer reviews offer chat service, which is a great way to get immediate answers as well.

Dryers with smart technology can usually diagnose a glitch and notify the manufacturer that there is a problem. Some smart systems will even text you a message to alert you to a problem. Sturdy warranties are also a good show of confidence in a dryer. We looked for products manufactured by companies that stand by their work.

Dryers have come a long way from their energy-hogging and clothes-ruining past. Designers put a lot of thought into making sure the latest machines will take care of your clothing while protecting the environment. Look to our lineup of the top clothes dryers to find one that fits with your décor, your budget and your lifestyle.