You will never wear down the fabric in your clothes by over-drying them with the Amana NED4655EW electric dryer. This 6.5-cubic-foot electric dryer has an automatic dryness control system that uses sensors to monitor the moisture inside the drum and automatically stops the drying cycle once clothes are fully dry. 

You have the choice of using a timed drying cycle for items that you know take a certain amount of time to get to the dryness level you desire. However, you may not always be available to pull newly dried clothes out of the dryer to put them away. In the event you get distracted by a phone call, an errand, someone at the door or anything else, this clothes dryer provides a wrinkle prevention mode that tumbles your clothes periodically to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles setting in.

The Amana NED4655EW is equipped with 11 drying cycles, so you have options for all the different fabrics you need to dry. You get sensor drying cycles that note the moisture in clothes to gauge for you when they are done, as well as timed drying cycles that simply run for an allotted time. You can adjust temperatures based on the kinds of fabrics that need drying.

This clothes dryer has simple, basic controls rather than an electronic control panel. The control knob provides all the settings you need. You simply choose what cycle you want for the load you have put into the drum and then push the start button. A signal sounds once the drying cycle is done so you can get them out as soon as possible.

You can dry nearly any clothing item with the Amana dryer's simple and straightforward controls. This dryer works with synthetic fabrics that need low heat; blue jeans, work clothes and towels that need high heat; and work clothing and sheets that need medium heat.

A great choice for a matching top-load washer is the Amana NTW4516FW. This is a compact and basic but still versatile washing machine that uses an agitator inside the drum to circulate the clothing, water and detergent to get clothes really clean. If you have a big family and are in the market for a big capacity dyer, the LG DLEX7710VE is a good option.

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