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Amana NED5700BW Review

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PROS / This machine gets points for being Energy Star certified. It also has a stacking option.

CONS / It only has five cycles and there is no drum light.

 VERDICT / While this dryer is quite basic, it does come with a few nice features such as a large capacity, moisture sensors (to prevent over-drying) and energy efficiency.

For someone looking to save a little money, the Amana NED5700BW is an affordable clothes dryer, that has some nice features that makes it worth checking out. First of all, it is a large-capacity dryer with 7.4 cubic feet of drum space, which can handle extra-large loads and would serve the needs of someone doing wash for a large family or group. But please note, that while this dryer is comparatively affordable.

  1. The volume of usable space within the drum of the dryer.
  2. 16 Amana
    7.4 Cubic Feet
  3. 7.5 Cubic Feet
  4. 7.3 Cubic Feet
  5. 7.4 Cubic Feet
  6. Category Average
    7.46 Cubic Feet

One of the Amana's more notable features is its moisture sensors. It will detect when the clothes are dry and turn off automatically to prevent over-drying. This is one of the things contributing to its energy efficiency, and the manufacturer promises savings on utility bills of more than $1,000 over the lifetime of the machine. It can be stacked along with the matching washing machine to fit into relatively tight spaces. If you prefer to set the washer and dryer side by side, you can purchase a pedestal separately if you need to adjust the height. One downside to this dryer is there is no drum light, which can be a disadvantage, especially if your dryer is located in a dark basement.

This is a fairly basic dryer without a lot of extras. It only has five cycles, the most notable being a Delicates cycle. Other cycles include Heavy Duty and Express Dry. In the event that your clothes don’t dry completely in one of the regular cycles, a timed dry option will finish up any load without the risk of over-drying.

This electric dryer is also equipped with an efficiency monitor which can be used to help conserve energy, and it is both green and Energy Star certified. This will be a big bonus among environmentally conscious consumers.

It comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor. Customer service options include email, phone and live chat, which is a great way to communicate in case there is a problem or you have questions.


While this is without doubt a bare-bones clothes dryer, it does have a few nice features that should be considered, especially if you’re on a budget. It is environmentally friendly with a moisture sensor that turns off the dryer when the clothes are dry and it is Energy Star certified. Its stackability will conserve space while its large capacity facilitates big loads of laundry.