Pros / This dryer has some unique energy efficiency features, it runs quietly and has a feature to reduce wrinkling.

Cons / The lack of a steam or sanitize cycle can be a drawback for some. And the capacity is on the low side.

 Verdict / This is a well-designed machine with a good warranty, and its environmental friendliness alone makes it a worthwhile option.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Bosch WTVC3300US is a clothes dryers with a smaller capacity than the other dryers on our lineup and only features three temperature settings, as compared to the majority of dryers in our electric dryer reviews, which have four or five. On the plus side, this electric dryer has unique energy efficiency features and it has 12 cycle options.

Bosch is known for making energy efficient products and this dryer is no exception. It was awarded the 2010 Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. It is no surprise that these dryers have some wonderful environmentally friendly features. The standard among the latest generation of laundry dryers have automatic cycles that are controlled by moisture sensors, this model is no exception.

Bosch designed these dryers with a network of heat sensors as well in order to prevent overheating and wasted energy. Bosch really goes the extra mile, however, with a feature called ECO Action. Used with cotton and permanent press automatic cycles, the ECO Action option will use less heat coupled with slightly longer drying times to reduce energy usage by up to 10 percent.

 You will also likely notice how inconspicuous these clothes dryers are during a cycle. At 64 decibels you will barely remember these dryers are running. Luckily, there is an end-of-cycle signal that will tip you off. Disabling the signal is a cinch if you prefer not to hear it.

Though Bosch offers no steam option at this price point, the manufacturer did take some thought for items that need special care. There is a no-heat cycle, a delicates option and the WrinkleBlock feature to protect all treasured pieces of clothing. WrinkleBlock tumbles clothing periodically for up to an hour after the actual cycle is done.

This vented dryer keeps track of its lint filter and exhaust system and will offer a warning signal if either needs to be checked for possible clogging.

These clothing dryers offer some helpful design elements like a drum light, so you never have to go searching for that stowaway sock. Your settings will stay intact regardless of any tampering young fingers if you engage the child lock feature. The delayed start option is nice as well. Though you would not want to leave a damp load of laundry for too long, you may want to use it to streamline the process as much as possible.

We love the warranties offered on Bosch products, and this one is also exceptional. It doubles the industry standard time limit from one year to two on all parts, including the control panel.

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Bosch WTVC3300US dryers may not have steam and sanitize features, but they do have exceptional energy efficiency options and a great warranty. These dryers compare extremely well with many other dryers on the market.

Bosch WTVC3300US Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

Warranty (labor)
1 year
Warranty (parts)
2 years
User Manual
Remote Diagnostic


Capacity (cubic feet)
Moisture Sensor
Noise reduction system
Time remaining display
Lint filter light
End of cycle signal
Custom Programs
Smart Phone Compatible
Duct blockage monitor
Drying Rack

Cycles & Design

Steam Refresh
Wrinkle Reduction
Delicates Cycle
Quick Dry Cycle
Heavy Duty Cycle
Permanent Press Cycle
Sanitize Cycle
Bulky/Bedding Cycle
Towels Cycle
Air Fluff Cycle
Child Lock
Drum Light
Reversible Door
See-Through Door
LED Display
Drum Material
Stainless Steel
Height (inches)
36 8/9
Width (inches)
29 1/2
Depth (inches)
31 7/8
Weight (pounds)

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Score
Eco Monitor
NSF Certified
Energy Star Certified