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Haier HLP21N Review

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PROS / With its rolling casters and light weight, this is the most portable mini washer on our lineup.

CONS / The Haier only holds up to 1 cubic foot of laundry.

 VERDICT / The Haier HLP21N sacrifices load size and extra features for portability and low energy use.

The Haier HLP21N has the best ratio for kilowatts per year versus cost of the portable washers in our lineup. You can expect this model to use about 214 kilowatts per year, but it costs only about $23 a year. This is a great quality in a portable washing machine if you're conscious about energy use in your home, but the Haier makes some sacrifices to be this energy-efficient.

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The impressive energy conservation of the Haier washer can be linked to its small size. This model only weighs 43 pounds and stands only 32.5 inches high, 17.6 inches wide and 17.3 inches deep. The dimensions of this mini washing machine make it a good fit for apartments and homes with tight storage. The rolling casters on the bottom of the unit also make it easy to move from room to room.

  1. How much electricity the washer uses over a year.
    Less is better.
  2. 9 Haier HLP21N
    214 Kilowatt Hours
  3. 271 Kilowatt Hours
  4. 290 Kilowatt Hours
  5. 290 Kilowatt Hours
  6. Category Average
    259.11 Kilowatt Hours

However, its small size does result in a smaller load capacity. At most, you can comfortably fit 1 cubic foot of laundry in this washing machine. But don't let its size fool you about its speed. At max spin, this Haier model can reach 700 rpm.

This portable washing machine only has three wash cycles and water level settings. The settings are vague as well and lack a delicate or soak cycle. When washing your clothes, you can choose from a heavy, quick or spin-only cycle.

As with all the best portable washing machines, setup only takes a couple steps with this Haier model. The quick sink hookups connect to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sink. You only have to add the connector and place the drain hose in the sink before you begin a wash cycle.

This washer is missing some standard features. Of the features we looked for in the best portable washers, the Haier only had an end-of-cycle signal. While this is a useful quality in a washing machine, this model is still missing a time-remaining indicator, delay start and a detergent dispenser.

In case of malfunctions or broken parts, this washer has a parts and labor warranty for an entire year. The Haier website provides a downloadable PDF as well, in case you lose your hard copy. If you have questions, customer support is available via email and phone. For quick answers, the FAQs section on the Haier website is full of common questions.


Depending on your priorities for a portable washer, the Haier HLP21N may be a perfect fit. If you have limited storage and need to lug a washing machine upstairs to your home or are conscious of energy use, this Haier model is a good choice. However, it has the fewest wash cycles and water level options of any washing machine in our lineup.

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