Whether you're clearing out fallen trees post-storm, clearing brush or fighting off the undead, the Craftsman 41BY429S799 chainsaw is an effective tool. This 18-Inch gas chainsaw packs a lot of power and durability. This chainsaw has a 42cc two-cycle that pumps a lot of fuel through the machine to power the chain. It effectively chops through a log, cutting at roughly an inch per second.

One side effect of having so much muscle inside a chainsaw is noise. All of the power is accompanied with plenty of noise and decibel levels reaching well over 90. But this saw idled quietly. In addition to excelling in performance, the Craftsman 18-Inch has the majority of the features necessary to keep a job going quickly and safely.

Kickback, especially for large saws, is a serious safety concern. This Craftsman model has several features to reduce the frequency and intensity of kickbacks. It comes equipped with a low-kickback chain made with specialty depth gauges and guard links to reduce the chance of snagging. The handguards on the front of the saw not only protect your paws, but activate the chain brake when pushed forward. The chain brake stops the chain milliseconds after activation.

Unfortunately, chains wear down and break. One of the many risks of using a chainsaw is a broken chain. When this occurs, the sharp chain might whip backward toward the user. A chain catcher, like the one on this model, is a small protrusion next to the bar that catches any flying chains and deflects them away from you.

The machine’s spark arrestor screen prevents carbon and flammable particles from entering the engine's exhaust flow. This is a useful feature to have, but you need to clean the part consistently to ensure it functions correctly. The inclusion of a throttle lockout ensures you have a sturdy grip on the chainsaw before accelerating. You cannot squeeze the throttle control unless you also hold the throttle lockout.

This saw is well suited for bucking logs and felling trees. To help you handle thick wood, the Craftsman 18-inch has a large bucking spike on the left side of the bar. This spike is designed to help you pivot around the log and cut the wood smoothly.

This saw has a reduced kickback bar and chain, which has a different pitch and gauge than on other chainsaws. This may make it tricky to find the right fit in a parts store later, but it comes with an extra chain for when the first wears down. In addition, this Craftsman model comes in a durable, hard-shell carrying case. Inside the case, there is a spare chain, bar scabbard, owner's manual, hybrid tool called a scrench and engine oil. The scrench is a combination wrench and screwdriver, perfect for adjusting the chain tension on the side of the saw.

Craftsman does not train specialists or require you to visit specialty dealers for assistance with repairs. The manual is full of how-to's for self-maintenance and trouble shooting. In case you lose the printed manual for this chainsaw, you can find the same manual online in Spanish and English. For complex issues, you can contact Craftsman via email or phone, and the chainsaw has a warranty that lasts two years.

The Craftsman 41BY429S799 is one of the best chainsaws we looked at. It has a loud and powerful engine, making it more suitable for country living than residential use. Paired with the 18-inch bar, the 46 cc two-cycle engine inside this chainsaw produces serious results. This saw is loud but sturdy and has plenty of safety features to ensure the power from this saw cuts into only the log.

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