Deep Vacuum Cleaners Review

Why Use a Deep Vacuum Cleaner?

The floor in your house accumulates dirt and food particles which not only look bad but can also be unhealthy. If you have kids or pets, this normal accumulation of debris happens even faster. The dirt and fur doesn't just get on your floor – couches and drapes can get filthy too. A regular or lightweight vacuum is often not strong enough to handle the mess. Deep-cleaning vacuum cleaners, such as the Electrolux Ultra Silencer, the Electrolux UltraActive and the Kirby Sentria II, are designed to get more dirt off your carpet and floor than a regular or stick vacuum because they have a stronger airflow, ensuring a cleaner house. Available in upright and canister models, and with a variety of tools to choose from, there is a deep vacuum cleaner that will fit your needs and get your carpets as clean as possible.

Deep Vacuum Cleaners: What to Look For

There are many different models of deep vacuum cleaners available, so you're sure to find one that fits your particular cleaning needs. Deep-cleaning vacuum cleaners offer a variety of choices in design, cleaning tools and features. Below are some of the elements you should consider when you're choosing a vacuum to deep clean your floors.

Upright or Canister
When you are shopping for a deep-cleaning vacuum, you’ll first need to decide whether you prefer an upright or canister vacuum. An upright vacuum has the motor and cleaning head in one unit, so it takes up less floor space in a closet than a canister vacuum. However, an upright takes up more vertical hanging space in a closet. While an upright vacuum is pushed in front of you, the canister is dragged behind you. Uprights are compact and easy to use, but canister vacuums generally weigh less and can more easily clean underneath low furniture. Upright vacuums and canister vacuums have similar cleaning abilities, and which you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Deep-cleaning vacuums come with many features to make the cleaning process easier for you. Most models come with tools that are stored either on an upright or within the cavity of a canister vacuum cleaner. Look for specific attachments like a separate tool for drapes or furniture. Some models also offer a special nozzle attachment to get into tight crevices for deep cleaning under heavy furniture.

Once the dirt, dust and other debris is sucked into the deep-cleaning carpet cleaner, different models dispose of it differently. A bagless vacuum lets you dump the grime directly into a trashcan. This can be preferable because there are no separate bags to purchase. However, if you have allergies, be aware that a bagless machine can allow dust and allergens become released into the air. A machine with a bag will trap more particles. Also, take into consideration whether the vacuum has a HEPA or other type of filter. This can help limit the allergens that are released back into the air as you clean your floors.

Deep vacuum cleaners are more expensive on average than a standard or stick vacuum cleaner. Manufacturers offer warrantees of varying lengths to back their products, and the longer the warranty, the better your investment is protected in the case of a defect or breakdown. Look for a warranty of at least three years when shopping for a deep vacuum cleaner.

If a part needs to be replaced or you have a question about operating the vacuum, good customer support is important. Almost all vacuum cleaner manufacturers have websites with options to contact the manufacturer through the phone or email. Many manufacturers now offer the instruction manual online as well in PDF format which can be quickly accessed on your computer or smartphone.

There are many models of deep-cleaning vacuums to choose from. You might prefer the upright vacuum with everything in one unit, or the separate canister and hose vacuum cleaner. You'll also want to make sure the vacuum has the on-board tools you need for any specialized cleaning you want to do. With a deep cleaning vacuum, you can get your floors as clean as possible.