Pros / A versatile design allows this unit to be configured to function as a hand vac.

Cons / The vacuum doesn’t let you turn off the brush-roll, which could harm hardwood floors.

 Verdict / The large cleaning path and dirt bag of the Miele S194 Quickstep can help you clean efficiently by eliminating stops. However, the vacuum lacks some standard features important for hardwood floors.

The Miele S194 Quickstep is designed to make cleaning easy in a few important ways. Its extra-large bag means you don't have to stop to change it very often, and a relatively wide cleaning path means fewer passes on expansive jobs. It lacks the option to shut off its rolling brush, though, and that is pretty important for cleaning at least the more delicate hardwood flooring out there. Buying a bare floor vacuum that only cleans some types of hardwood flooring is maybe not the best, but if you have sturdy hardwood and lots of tile and vinyl the Quickstep is still a decent option.

The Quickstep uses bags that hold 83.2 ounces, which is much bigger than most of the ones we reviewed that will require frequent stops to empty dirt cups or toss bags. The bags include both a filter and an automatic seal closure so that you will not be exposed to the dust and particles. However, the way the bag sits on the vacuum means it can spill the contents when you are removing it, so this is not a perfect solution for allergy sufferers.

This model has an 11.25-inch cleaning path that covers more surface as you vacuum than most hardwood floor vacuums. Weighing only 9 pounds, this hard floor vacuum can easily maneuver around low furniture and tight corners. It also has a 26-foot cord, which allows you to reach several rooms without having to plug in the cord multiple times.

The ability to function as a few different types of vacuums makes it unique. You can configure the attachments to be used more like a hand or stick vacuum instead of its default mode as a small upright. It includes both a crevice tool and an extension wand for even more versatility. One drawback is that the Quickstep cannot stand up on its own. You have to lean it on something when not in use.

This bare floor vacuum comes with a seven-year warranty on the motor and casing, which surpasses the warranty lengths of all the other hardwood floor vacuum cleaners in our review. The other parts of the bare floor vacuum are covered for one year from the purchase date. With warranties this long, you can rely on the motor to last. If you need to contact Miele, the company provides an email and phone number on its website. You also can schedule service repairs on the website.

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The Miele S194 Quickstep hardwood floor vacuum is convenient in some ways – a wide cleaning path, long cord and large dust bag allow you to clean uninterrupted for very long periods of time. The lack of a brush-roll shut-off makes it a little less versatile, though, because it has the potential to scuff delicate hardwood flooring. For other bare floor cleaning, including sturdier hardwoods, it will do a good job, though.

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