Pros / The vacuum runs over 20 minutes on its rechargeable battery and at a safe, quiet volume.

Cons / It doesn’t have a removable hand vacuum like other stick vacs.

 Verdict / The Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V moves around smoothly; has a fast, energy-efficient stand; and a helpful website.

The Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum charges in about 6 hours so you are ready for any quick vacuuming jobs around your home. This stick vac converts from carpet to hardwood with a simple on/off brush roll switch, which is a great option to help keep your floors free from unsightly scuff marks.

One nice feature about the Accucharge is that it constantly monitors the battery when it’s charging. Once the battery is fully charged, power is reduced to a trickle to maintain the battery without drawing extra power. This system reduces energy when the vac is resting in the charger. For these reasons, the Dirt Devil Accucharge earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.


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  • Cleaning Path
  • Bin Volume
  • Weight
  1. In inches, the width of the vacuum head when cleaning the floor.
    Wider is better.
  2. 1  Dirt Devil
    9.5 Inches
  3. 11.0 Inches
  4. 10.0 Inches
  5. Category Average
    9.97 Inches

Vacuuming Performance

Unfortunately, the Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V didn't perform nearly so well when it came to our tests evaluating its suction ability. We sprinkled a healthy amount of sawdust on both carpet and hardwood and measured how many passes it took to completely clean the area.

The Accucharge removed the sawdust on the carpet in six passes, which was middle of the road. It performed much better on hardwood, however. With its easy brush roll switch, sawdust was completely removed from the hardwood surface in only four passes, which ranks it near the top.

We ran a pet-hair test, and the Accucharge was nearly perfect, picking up 95 percent of the hair. This stick vac lost points, though, because it lacks a removable hand vacuum, a common feature on stick vacuums.

Ease of Use

The Dirt Devil Accucharge excelled in overall ease of use compared to other stick vacuums we tested. The stick vac moves around with little effort, and the swivel steering on the vacuum head makes changing course seamless. One feature that makes this stick vac stand out is its folding handle. The Accucharge folds in half when it’s not in use, which gives you a lot more space in your hall closet. When folded, it sits directly on the charging stand, allowing it to charge overnight so it has power whenever you need it.

The dirt cup wasn’t hard to clean – it pops right off and has a button that snaps the cup open so you can pour the debris directly into the trash without getting your hands dirty. It also comes with HEPA filtration, a rare feature for a stick vacuum, which means it removes nearly 100 percent of irritating dust particles from the air when the filter is in use.


Regarding the charge time of 6 hours, the Dirt Devil Accucharge isn’t the fastest, but for overall runtime, it comes in second. Unless you have a lot of messes, though, six hours is plenty of time between vacuuming sessions, and its low power needs won’t have a noticeable effect on your wallet. We liked how quiet this vacuum was as well. We measured the decibel level to be 82.5, which was the second quietest vacuum in our entire lineup.

Warranty & Support

Dirt Devil offers a lot of support online in the form of FAQs, manuals and videos. The customer service center has long hours from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST and an email contact form if you prefer. Parts are easy to find, and a search through the website can help you locate a service provider quickly. The warranty is standard at one year, which is in keeping with most vacuum warranties. There are a few vacuums, though, that offer two years or more, if it’s important to you.


The best thing about the Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V is that it provides a high level of performance and great ease of use at an affordable price. The charging stand is easy to use and set up in your closet, and it is Energy-Star certified. This electric broom has an adaptable swivel head that helps you navigate difficult corners, and its full extension allows you to go under chair legs or low coffee tables. Overall, this is the best stick vacuum of those we reviewed and tested.

Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Ease of Use

Swivel Steering
Folding Handle
Washable Filter
Bagless Cleanup
Easy Empty Dirt Cup
Charging Stand


Charge Time (hours)
Run Time (minutes)
Noise Level (decibels)
Weight (pounds)
Dust Bin Volume (liters)
Length (inches)
Removable Hand Vac
Crevice Tool
Dusting Brush
Carpet-to-Hardwood Brush Roll
HEPA Filtration

Warranty & Support

1 Year
Online Manual
Online FAQ

Vacuuming Performance

Pet Hair
Cleaning Path (inches)