Pros / This offers good-quality suction for cleaning.

Cons / You have to bend down to reach the On button, and pet hair collects on the brush roller.

 Verdict / This versatile vacuum presents a detachable canister that you can use as a hand-held vacuum, offers good suction and employs a true HEPA filter.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

You have no doubt seen the many television commercials extolling the virtues of Shark vacuums. They might seem like hyperbole, but the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro can help you keep your house clean. Equipped with a genuine HEPA filter and its own anti-allergen sealing technology, you can rid your floors, furniture and dust-prone areas of dirt and particulates and make any allergy sufferers in your home much more comfortable.

A real plus for this upright bagless vacuum is that you can detach the canister and use it as a small canister-only vacuum with the hose and tools to more easily clean stairs or places that cannot accommodate a full-sized vacuum.

The results from our tests showed the Shark Navigator is not perfect, but it works well. It pushed cereal around a bit on carpeting, and it took a bit of effort to clean up the cereal. The same thing was true for cleaning kitty litter from linoleum.

However, the Shark Navigator handled itself nicely while pulling up pet hair from carpeting and cleaning garlic skins and bread crumbs from linoleum. This upright bagless vacuum also made short work of flour spilled on carpeting and, with a little more effort, sucked up flour spilled on a hardwood floor.

This vacuum has the smallest cleaning path of any upright bagless vacuum we reviewed at 9.5 inches, so that means you might have to make more passes than you would using a vacuum with a bigger cleaning area. However, the quality suction makes cleaning floors easy, and this vacuum shows exceptionally good suction when you use the wand tool.

Putting this vacuum together takes a bit of time since there are several pieces of equipment in the box and you have to figure out what goes where. It is probably best if you consult the user manual before trying to assemble this upright vacuum. It ultimately took us seven minutes. However, once you know what to do, it's easy to snap everything in place.

This comes with a wand, upholstery brush, pet hair brush and a soft pad to be used as hardwood floor cleaner. Except for the pad, the tools can be stored onboard. An onboard accessory holder turned out to be hard to install. However, you do get a bag for all vacuum accessories, which is a helpful extra.

This is rather lightweight at 14 pounds, although it feels a bit heavier when in use. It is not especially noisy, with a decibel level of 76 dB. You get a longer-than-average electrical cord that extends 30 feet, which means less plugging and unplugging. Unfortunately, the extendable cord is a disappointing 6 feet long, which is much shorter than the best upright bagless vacuums.

We found a few shortcomings in the Shark Navigator. For one thing, you have to bend down to reach the On button. In addition, while this cleans pet hair well, we found about half the hair remained stuck in the brush roller, so that suggests you will need to check and clean the roller often. However, emptying the canister itself is a breeze.

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The Shark Navigator gives you good suction, a HEPA filter and the useful ability to remove the canister to use as a small, portable vacuum. Unfortunately, this did not rank among the best upright bagless vacuum since it seemed a little cumbersome to maneuver, comes with a short extension hose and the brush roller needs frequent attention.

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