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YouTube Review

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PROS / A YouTube app is available on nearly every smart device so you can watch your shows anywhere.

CONS / This app isn’t a great option for binge-watching a complete series because you pay per episode.

 VERDICT / Although lacking exclusive content and unlimited viewing, YouTube's original videos and numerous features make it a good choice for a streaming TV service.

YouTube is a staple of the internet. A little over a year after its creation, Google bought the video service. The site has continued to expand its typically free service into the arena of online TV. The availability and easy access to this streaming service make it one of the best ways to watch TV online.

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At first, many users' biggest gripe with the website's streaming TV will be the cost, since YouTube has made a name for itself with free amateur video and clips. However, the cost of $1.99 per episode is standard. Watching an episode in HD will cost you a dollar more. Perhaps the best thing about paying for each episode is that you don't have to deal with the commercials that usually precede videos on YouTube when they're free.

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While there are a number of children's programs available, the majority of the animated shows are geared toward teenagers. The problem with any pay-per-view internet TV site is that you wouldn't necessarily want to give your kids free range in terms of ordering. Most of the programs that YouTube has for kids are commonly available for streaming full seasons in higher-ranked monthly membership services. This service isn't exactly conducive to binge-watching either, since you have to pay to stream each TV show.

A definite plus about YouTube's television channel is the extent of the features. Small features like subtitles in each episode and a helpful search bar improve the experience. The queue is based on your Google Plus account. If you are trying to stay current with your favorite show, you need to subscribe to the particular show's channel and then you'll have it ready to watch.

YouTube is available everywhere. Its apps are found on smart TVs, game consoles, Roku boxes and, of course, smartphones and tablets. If you've paid for a certain episode online, you can watch it virtually anywhere you take your device. In addition, watching YouTube on your television is considerably easier if you own a Chromecast or Google TV device.


While YouTube may not be what you think of when it comes to the best internet TV service, it still boasts an expansive catalogue of television shows. This service is available on nearly every device, which makes it easy to stream TV anywhere.

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