StubHub is one of the best secondary sports ticket sites on the internet and the best site to search for MLB tickets. If you are looking for resold tickets for an MLB game or any other sporting event, this website is a great place to look.

In our real-world ticket research, we found StubHub to have an average service fee of 27 percent. When we searched for tickets to an MLS game to watch the LA Galaxy, StubHub had the cheapest seats but one of the highest service fees at 33 percent. For an MLB game at Fenway Park in Boston, StubHub’s service fee was right in the middle of the fees we found from other sites at 24 percent. The service fees for a Packers vs. Seahawks game at Lambeau Field was one of the lowest we found, though, at just under 22 percent. For more stable service fees, Coast to Coast Tickets had service fees that didn't change from event to event.

We read many reviews of people using StubHub to purchase tickets to all sorts of sporting events, especially NBA games. However, because some users have reported having problems using StubHub’s tickets, we recommend that you avoid the risk of buying bad tickets and purchase your NBA tickets through Ticketmaster’s certified portal,

Our research and comparison didn’t measure seat availability or price, because different websites offer different rates and have access to different seats. However, for the three games we researched, StubHub offered the cheapest ticket for the MLS game and one of the cheapest for the NFL game.

One downside to StubHub is that there is no return policy. All sales are final, unless your game is completely canceled. If you buy tickets and something comes up, you will have to eat the cost of those tickets or resell them on StubHub for a fee. This site will sell your tickets at an additional 10 percent markup, so if you’re trying to recoup the full cost of your tickets, someone buying them will have to purchase them for more than you paid.

When you buy tickets through this site, there are multiple delivery methods. You can have your tickets delivered by mail, waiting for you at the venue's kiosk, emailed in a printable e-ticket or even sent as a barcode to your smartphone for use at the door of the stadium.

StubHub offers full support options. It has phone, email and live chat support to help you if you encounter problems with your order. You can even make your order over the phone. StubHub includes a FAQs section on its website for a quick reference to common questions and has an app that can be used on Android or iOS devices to search for and buy tickets.

With its access to MLB tickets across the country and status as a popular reseller for many other sports, StubHub is an important place to go and price-check the sporting events you want to attend.

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