Pros / StubHub has one of the lowest service fees of any sports tickets service.

Cons / It is not a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers to ensure authenticity.

 Verdict / StubHub is one of the premier sports tickets websites in the secondary market, with low services fees, a mobile app and a rewards program.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

StubHub is one of the best sports tickets websites that exists. It's a secondary-market website that has many features lacking from primary ticket brokers. It offers a place for sports fans to both buy and sell tickets with fees more reasonable than most other sports ticket websites' charges. The extras StubHub provides for its customers include a rewards program, special alerts for ticket deals for your teams, and a mobile app that helps you make ticket purchases, including on discount deals, from any location. Because of its great features and extras, StubHub is the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

  • Service Fees
  • e-Fee
  1. The amount charged by sites to use the service.
    Less is Better
  2. 2  StubHub
    10.0 %
  3. 0.0 %
  4. 24.0 %
  5. Category Average
    18.2 %

Ticketing Types & Costs

One of the best features of StubHub is the low fees. Among secondary ticket brokers, StubHub has some of the lowest service charges, e-fees and will-call fees. The e-fee is just 10 percent, which is the second-best option we found in our sports ticket hubs review. StubHub also allows you to upload extra tickets you have for games onto its site in order to sell them. There is a fee for doing that, but the seller fee is quite competitive with other sports ticket sites.

StubHub's ticket search options reflect the variety of events it offers in the athletic world. You can make specialized ticket searches for specific teams, games and dates. If you would like to generally browse, StubHub's design is great for helping you get to the sport you want to find quickly. Another great feature of StubHub is the multiple delivery methods it employs. You can have your tickets delivered by mail, waiting for you at the venue's kiosk, emailed in a printable e-ticket or even sent as a barcode to your smartphone for use at the door of the stadium.

The mobile app StubHub provides lets you avoid using ticket scalpers and spending full price at the box office. You can search for tickets for your favorite team from your smartphone. The best part is that, with the paperless ticket technology, you don't have to go anywhere to print out your tickets. Your ticket is sent directly to your smartphone; you can then open up the ticket barcode on the screen and use that to enter the arena in place of a traditional ticket. The mobile app and paperless tickets cut out a lot of the hassle that sports fans used to encounter with ticket purchases.

Security Measures

There is no return policy with StubHub. All sales are final, unless your game is completely canceled. If you have tickets you can no longer use, you can use StubHub to resell them to recoup some of the costs. StubHub is a very secure site with attention given to your privacy. You can feel good about using StubHub and submitting your credit card information without fear of identity theft or fraud. The only drawback is the lack of a National Association of Ticket Brokers membership, which provides guidelines for sites to follow.

User Benefits

The benefits for StubHub customers are among the best of any sports ticket website. You can sign up for instant alerts, so if you are looking for tickets for your favorite team, StubHub will email you special promotions or seats that are available. StubHub has a rewards program that lets you build points that are redeemable as you purchase tickets through its site. You also get access to premium parking, which is a great feature whether you are traveling to a game in another state or staying close to home. There is nothing worse than going from lot to lot and having them all be full. With premium parking, you can purchase your pass before the game and know you will have a spot when you arrive.

Help & Support

StubHub offers full support options. It has phone, email and live chat support to help you if you encounter problems with your order. You can even make your order over the phone. StubHub includes a FAQs section on its website for a quick reference to common questions.


StubHub is the one of the best secondary sports ticket sites on the internet. The low fees help you keep your sports tickets cheap. The search features are great, and the user benefits you get as a StubHub customer are among the best of any website. If you need to buy sports tickets for your favorite team, StubHub should be one of your first stops.