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Pros / You can purchase personal one-on-one Skype lessons with the instructor.

Cons / The lessons are for advanced players, which means they don't provide any foundation for beginners.

 Verdict / JazzPianoOnline.com is for experienced piano players looking to expand their knowledge of jazz playing and composition. However, outside of video tutorials and purchased Skype lessons, there aren't many additional features within these online piano lessons.

JazzPianoOnline.com is a straightforward, online piano tutorial for jazz piano. You can subscribe to these online piano lessons by paying for a monthly membership, reoccurring monthly membership, quarterly membership or an annual membership. The longer the membership, the less you pay in overall costs. You can also purchase one-on-one Skype video lessons with the instructor. You can purchase 60, 120 or 240 minutes worth of Skype lessons.

If you are a complete novice at playing the piano, you'll want to begin to learn piano online from another service. To start taking lessons from JazzPianoOnline.com, it is recommended that you have prior knowledge of music theory. This includes how to read treble and bass clef notation and staffs, and also the ability to play all 12 major scales with both hands. Since you need to be an intermediate to advanced piano player before you even begin lessons, there are no introductory lessons that teach you how to properly number your fingers or the notes on a keyboard.

The lessons are informative for advanced players, but the tutorials are half piano keys and half sheet music with the instructor narrating the lesson, and nothing else beyond that. The videos could benefit from more visual components to help the student stay engaged. The other missing element from the online piano lesson that we took was the ability to slow down the song or lesson. The ability to adjust the tempo would be helpful, especially while learning more complicated jazz compositions.

An advantage of JazzPianoOnline.com is that it is compatible with mobile devices. You can stream any of the lessons on your smartphone or tablet, and the iPad is recommended. This enables you to learn to play piano on the go.

Some other features we like include printable music and practice sessions. The practice sessions are essentially worksheets that supplement the lessons. Each one provides an objective, a task and instructions on how to complete the session. Practice is essential to mastering the piano, and these sessions provide valuable guidance. Additionally, you can access a handy glossary while viewing any lesson. This is a great way to learn any piano or jazz-theory terminology that you are unfamiliar with.

Because JazzPianoOnline.com is comprised of video tutorials and centers on one type of music, it's bound to lack some features, particularly those found in programs that provide a more inclusive curriculum. This program does not have any interactive features, such as tracking your progress or how much time you spend practicing. Additionally, because the program requires you to practice on your own keyboard or acoustic piano, it doesn't have the built-in practice tools that many MIDI-compatible programs do.


You can learn how to play piano online by subscribing to JazzPianoOnline.com. These lessons are for those looking to explore the world of jazz piano. It doesn't teach any other styles and is not for beginning piano players. These online lessons are particularly straightforward and don't offer much other than teacher narration, sheet music and a keyboard. If you are looking for lessons centered in the jazz genre, these online lessons are worth a try.

Jazz Piano Online Visit Site