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Snapfish Review

PROS / Snapfish provides step-by-step instructions on how to design a photo book.

CONS / You cannot alter the layout on the pre-designed templates.

 VERDICT / The variety of pre-made templates and easy-to-use photo editor make Snapfish a great way to make a quick custom photo book.

HP’s Snapfish makes creating a custom photo book easy. The online photo book editor has a user-friendly interface, and there are several predesigned and themed templates from which to choose. While the photo book editor restricts how much you can customize, the wide selection of templates and layouts offers enough variety that the style of your photo book isn’t limited. Between the easy-to-use software and selection of templates, Snapfish earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Quality & Services

Snapfish includes over 120 different themed templates, layouts and backgrounds. You can choose from simple solid color backgrounds or use detailed templates with defined themes. In comparison to other photo book services, Snapfish offers a lot of specific and unique quality templates.

The book editor guides you through each step of the design process and helps you assemble a photo book quickly. There are not many editing options, which makes the software easy to use; however, it limits your creative control over project. You cannot create your own layouts or alter the templates’ layouts. You can only decide which photos to add and customize the text that goes with them.

While your ability to customize your photo book is limited, the quality of the product is superior to other services. The printed pictures are vivid, crisp and clear. The wide selection of layouts and themed templates add color and creativity to each of your pictures. Additionally, the photo book is made to last. The cover is strong with a thick binding and durable pages. If you place an image on your front or back cover, the glossy finish enhances the colors.

While the photo book editor allows you to create a photo book easily and quickly, the processing time is slightly longer than other services. The website suggests allowing one to five days for processing and then additional days for shipping.

Book Options

Snapfish offers five different sizes of custom photo books in landscape and square formats. They come in the standard sizes of 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 8 inches, 8 x 11 inches, 12 x 12 inches and 11 x 14 inches. The size of the book you choose affects the type of cover you can select. Not all cover types are available for all sizes, but you can choose from paper, soft cover, hard cover, dust jacket, linen, leather, velvet or a matte hard cover. Fabric covers like the linen, velvet and even leather, have a die-cut square in the center of the front cover for your favorite photo to peek through.

Snapfish is one of the only services we found that allows you to customize the way your photo book is bound. Like the covers, not every binding type is available for every size. You can select binding with heavier paper, stitching format, hinged flat binding and seamless lay-flat formats.

Album Creation

The online photo book editor is very intuitive. You can finish a photo book on Snapfish in five steps. You upload your photos from your hard drive, select book details like size and cover, and then you can theme, personalize and review your creation. Although you can't select images from social media, pictures quickly upload to your Snapfish album. 

Themes include options like weddings, school and travel. You can see the backgrounds in the page order of the template, but you cannot change or adjust them. As you move through the steps, Snapfish guides you through the process of assembling a photo book. The design tools are labeled clearly, and you can retrace your steps with minimal effort if you change your mind. To add any of the design elements, you simply drag and drop or you can use the autofill tool, which places all of your images for you.

Support & Shipping

Snapfish offers a variety of ways to receive technical support. There is a large FAQs section and a user forum that offers solutions to most problems. On the website, you'll also find a link to chat with representatives. However, there is no email or phone number listed.

If you need your photo book quickly, the company offers overnight and two-day delivery. Keep in mind that it takes several days to get your photo book even with expedited shipping because of the processing time before it is ready to ship.


Snapfish serves as a good option for making photo books with minimal effort. While there is little room for creative design, the number of templates and layouts is sufficient to offset the impact. The professional quality of its books and the vivid images make Snapfish one of the best places to create a photo book online.

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