Pros / UltraKey is one of the easiest Mac typing software programs to use, with great features to learn how to touch-type.

Cons / Unlike other typing programs, this one doesn't have multiple typing games to supplement its lessons.

 Verdict / Overall, UltraKey is a very good application that offers plenty of features and lessons to teach you how to properly touch-type and enhance your skills.

The latest version of Bytes of Learning's UltraKey program continues a long legacy of quality Mac typing software. This typing software for Mac offers a wealth of features, polished graphics, an intuitive interface, multimedia assistance and virtual-reality presentations to demonstrate everything from correct posture to proper hand positions on the keyboard. It has plenty of features and is one of the easiest typing programs to use, and earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Feature Set

Bytes of Learning believes that you can become a better and faster typist by learning proper touch-typing techniques. UltraKey Mac typing software instructs you on proper fingerplacement and finger-to-key movements. As you build keystroke memory, you’ll pause less often and your words-per-minute (WPM) count will increase.

UltraKey offers quality instructions in finger and hand placement, plenty of exercises and tests, and instructional videos to make it easier to learn. There is a great deal about this software that you will learn from six tutorial videos that outline and explain the concepts that are essential to typing. UltraKey emphasizes proper technique, which will lead to better and faster typing. There are 12 attractive interface themes that will appeal to a wide range of people of different ages and interests.

Games, Lessons and Tests

There are plenty of instructions to help you learn how to type, including UltraKey Mac typing software’s Fingers section. This will teach you home-row position, finger names and proper striking technique. There is a helpful overhead view of animated hands that show you proper placement and technique. These lessons create a foundation on which you will build as you progress through the other sections of the software.

Once you’ve completed the Fingers section, you move to Lessons. There are 14 total lessons, ranging from beginning keystrokes to advanced typing. You can also perform typing warm-up exercises in UltraKey Mac, so when you return to your lessons after a period of time away, you have a chance to ease back into them.

Skill Check tests will help evaluate your speed and accuracy, and each test corresponds with a lesson you’ve gone through. For example, once you feel comfortable with hand and finger placement on the home row, take the Skill Check test to see how your keyboarding skills are developing. The Skill Check evaluates your speed and accuracy. UltraKey Mac typing software will give you tips as it analyzes your progress. This will help you improve your keyboarding skills and become a better typist. You can access the Reports section to see how you’re progressing in your lessons and tests. Teachers and parents have access to monitor students' progress to help them get the most out of the lessons.

You can find additional typing exercises in the Typing Forum. There are also timed typing tests, exercises and a free typing forum that gives you the flexibility to practice typing anything you want. For both practice types, you set the test to time you by the minute or by the paragraph. Once you’ve completed the test, UltraKey provides an accuracy and speed analysis.

One of the nicer features of this Mac typing software is its advice on posture. You learn the best position for typing so that you don't strain your back, neck or hands. You also improve your typing skills by ensuring that your hand placement on the keys is correct. Many people sit slouched forward at their computers, and UltraKey Mac typing software helps correct that habit.

There aren’t any games available in UltraKey, though adults and teenagers may not mind. Other Mac typing software programs include typing games designed to engage children in learning how to type, but we’ve learned that children love UltraKey regardless. There is information included in the user guide on how to create a typing game out of the software's Typing Forum practices if you must have one.

Ease of Use

The UltraKey user interface is simple, allowing learners to focus on their typing skills. After setting up a new account, you first take a skills assessment test to gauge your current accuracy and speed. After the assessment, you receive a challenge level rating to help guide you in setting personal goals.

You can retake lessons or extend them for more practice, which makes this software ideal for anyone from a beginner to a skilled typist looking to brush up on their skills. You control the pace of your learning. You can also track your progress. Parents can track their children's progress easily with UltraKey. School districts use UltraKey, and you can use it to arrange distance-learning typing classes for home instruction.

We recommend using the speech option, which helps with learning touch-typing. With this option, the software will vocalize the material, reading aloud all instructions and content. You can turn this on and off by simply clicking on the Auto-speak icon.

Help & Support

There are on-screen demos and tutorials as well as instructional videos you can watch to get a visual sense of proper posture, finger placement and keystroke movement. There’s a comprehensive user guide for working with UltraKey Mac typing software. You also get a revised user guide, which gives you comprehensive help for using UltraKey.

If you need technical support, you can contact Bytes of Learning directly via a toll-free number in North America, or you can contact the company via email. The website includes a FAQs page, a resources page, articles and more.


This Mac typing software's interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use, making UltraKey an effective application for helping you learn how to touch-type. This wonderful piece of learning software is ideal for people of all ages and typing skill levels – anyone who wants to learn touch-typing or brush up on their typing skills.

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