1MORE EVO Buds review: for high-quality audio

Quality audio on a budget

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Touch controls are limited, but if you're looking for a basic set of earbuds that offer high-quality audio, we think the 1MORE EVO Buds are a good option.


  • +

    Long-lasting battery

  • +

    Tactile case

  • +

    Reasonable price point

  • +

    High-quality audio


  • -

    Touch controls are limited

  • -

    ANC isn't the best

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The 1MORE EVO Buds come in at a medium price point, with audio quality that far surpassed my expectations. My day-to-day earbuds are three times the price of these wireless earbuds, but having used them for a number of weeks, I'd happily stick to the 1MORE for the majority of my audio needs. 

With a sleek matte case that magnetically opens and closes, the earbuds themselves can be touch-operated and have a glossy exterior that looks just as good as expensive alternatives. 

My one downside to these headphones was that the noise-canceling could've been better, so if you want a pair of the best headphones to study or commute, maybe try elsewhere. 

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Millie Fender

After starting her career at TopTenReviews in 2019, Millie has gone on to be our reviews expert, testing everything from smart speakers to bread makers. 

Millie tested the 1MORE EVO Buds for a number of months before writing this review, taking them on vacation, and her grueling daily commute on the London Underground. 

1MORE EVO Buds: At a glance

You'll likely buy the 1MORE EVO Buds on Amazon. They retail for $170, or £160 in the UK, but you're likely to find them on sale if you shop during Black Friday or Prime Day. 

The buds charge with USB-C, and the brand claims that the battery lasts eight hours on a full charge, or five hours if you're using noise-canceling. 

The 1MORE EVO Buds come in a metal case that opens and closes from a top lid mechanism. This is magnetic, and easy to pop open using a thumb while on the go. The case feels nice and sturdy, and I enjoyed that the earbuds came with some pre-charge, which meant I could get straight to testing. 

As for the buds themselves, these were quite small and fitted comfortably in my ears. As with most earbuds, you can choose from a selection of plastic tips to find the right fit for you. 

1MORE EVO Buds: key specs


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The specs of our 1MORE EVO Buds review sample
Battery 8 hours (5 with noise canceling)
Charging USB-C charging case

1MORE EVO Buds: Performance


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I tested the 1MORE EVO Buds on my morning commute, which involves half an hour on London's (very noisy) Northern Line. Having noise-canceling headphones on this journey is a must if I want to catch a word of my morning podcast, and while these buds did a decent job, I didn't find that they outperformed my current favorite buds, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ. With that said, these are also a more expensive option when compared to the 1MORE, so it's a case of getting what you pay for when it comes to noise-cancelling. 

As for audio quality, I found that these buds punched well above their weight. Music was clear and accurate, and worked just as well on the moody pop tunes I usually listen to as it did with a smattering of Holst's Planet Suite. 

Controls are intuitive. You can pause and play music with a double tap, hold for a few seconds to switch between noise canceling modes, and triple tap to activate a voice assistant on your phone. You can also customise these using the 1MORE app, which paired seamlessly with the buds from first use. 


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How does it compare?

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A more affordable alternative, the Beats Studio Buds wowed us with their colorful design and clarity. Although the battery life isn't nearly as good as the 1MORE EVO Buds, they could be a good option for those who are happy to charge regularly. 

Cheaper still, the Earfun Free Pro earbuds are the best value buds we've tested. Our reviewer rated the battery life more highly than the Beats, finding that the 32-hour battery life as claimed by Earfun was accurate. However, we prefer the look of the 1MORE EVO, and the buds feature a more sleek and compact design. 

1MORE EVO Buds: should you buy?

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1MORE EVO Buds score card
Price & availabilityGood value, but there are cheaper options4/5
DesignFeels premium, with a sleek and user-friendly case5/5
PerformanceGreat sound quality, our only complaint is the noise cancelling could be better4/5

Buy it if...

You want great sound quality

The 1MORE EVO Buds really impressed with sound quality, which rivals much more expensive alternatives. 

You need a good battery life

With up to eight hours in a single charge, the 1MORE EVO Buds won't leave you stranded. 

You've got fussy ears

There are five size tips to choose from, meaning you'll likely find something for every ear shape. 

Don't buy it if...

Noise canceling is essential

They were good, but not great. 

You want a compact case

The case on the 1MORE EVO Buds isn't bad, but it's bigger than your classic Apple Pods. 

How we tested the 1MORE EVO Buds

We tested the 1MORE EVO Buds for a number of weeks before writing this review. Our reviewer Millie considered everything from design and looks to ease of use and battery life. Millie uses earbuds on a daily basis, listening to everything from podcasts to feel-good playlists for her commute and morning walks. She was able to compare the 1MORE EVO Buds to her usual earbuds, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ, in terms of sound quality and battery life. 

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